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Yahoo Blog Search Is Live, With Good Visibility

Yahoo Blog Search is now available for all to enjoy, and it has been integrated into Yahoo News Search. John Battelle has the scoop, Yahoo’s blog has more.

Now, when you do a news search at Yahoo, you will see a selection of four blog results, and you can click on a link to see more.


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Blog results have sidebars with Flickr photos and links to MyWeb 2.0, as well as subscribing to the results via RSS. Search results have links to the website’s RSS feeds, and to add them to MyWeb 2.0. One bad idea: The RSS URLs are redirects, so you can’t just right-click on them and copy them to your reader.

So, how to test relevancy? Oh, this one’s easy! Which engine has the best results for “Yahoo blog search”, since its been launched within the hour?

When results are sorted by “Relevance”, Yahoo Blog Search has nothing about it being launched within the first 20 (for purposes of this test, only the first 20 count). Under date, none of the results are within eight hours.

Google Blog Search has nothing under relevance and nothing under date.

Technorati’s top three results are excellent, including this very post.

I don’t understand why John Battelle’s post isn’t there. While Technorati wins, it might be wise to find a way of checking top bloggers for updates a lot more often.

IceRocket has the first two. And it couldn’t hurt if they had relative times, letting me know how old posts were, instead of actual times, which are harder to scan.

Verdict: When it comes to timely search, the older engines have it better (but not perfect), and Yahoo and Google have a lot to learn. Relevancy is where the future’s at, however. I’m thinking a Memeorandum solution might be better than just regular old search. Of course, Memeorandum doesn’t have a search engine, so the first person to steal their UI and give it full-blogosphere search capabilities will be my new best friend blog search engine.

October 10th, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Blogs, Yahoo, General | 6 comments

Google Adds Tagging

Google Search History with tagging

Google has silently added a Bookmarks feature to My Search History, enabling you to quickly tag and comment any web page you’ve visited. If Google in the future opens this up, letting users share their bookmarks and see bookmarking data in searches, we could see something very useful and popular.

To bookmark a page, just visit it through Google Search, get to it in your Search History, and click the star icon. Then click “edit” and type in any tags under the “Labels” heading. You can even add some notes in the box underneath that.

Once you’ve saved a bunch of sites, you can view them by clicking the Bookmarks heading in the left sidebar. You can show multiple tags at once by clicking all of their check boxes.

This is a new feature, so now complaints as to capabilities. It works, and I hope it’ll only get deeper. Fusion seems to be one of the Google projects that gets updated very often and visibly (the others being Gmail and Maps).

The only thing that annoys a little: Its semi-AJAX, with the stars updating in real-time and the edit button opening up without a reload, but everything else requires the page reload. If Google could make this a full-fledged, no-reload AJAX app, it’ll make look like a child’s toy.
(Hat-tip: Atul)

UPDATE: Brian points out in the comments some of the best stuff: One feature I left out, Autocomplete for the tags, helping you with tags you’ve already used (and consistency, which is important); and one I didn’t notice, that the tag “homepage” gets put on your Google Personalized homepage.

This is an example of Google doing something right without trying so hard to be fancy. Fusion is working, even if so many other things aren’t.

October 10th, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Search, General | 78 comments

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Google Satellite Provider Announces Two New Satellites

DigitalGlobe, which provides satellite imagery for Google Earth, has announced it will launch two new imagery satellites in 2006 and 2008, respectively.
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AdSense Tips For Forums

Google’s AdSense blog has some ad tips for forums, although Nick W at ThreadWatch strongly disagrees.
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October 10th, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | AdSense, Advertising, General | one comment

Yahoo Goes Podcasting

Yahoo has opened a podcast website, where users can find podcasts and listen to them. The layout is geared towards a younger audience in a way Google can only dream of. Finding podcasts is easy, with search, categories, tags, popular lists and editorial picks, and listening is just as easy, with options to listen online, subscribe, or download the MP3s.

There are also instructions on how to publish a podcast. Besides the submit box, which asks for your RSS URL, there are instructions on actually recording the damn things, with recommendations of Audacity, GarageBand, and the LAME MP3 Encoder.

There’s a lot of pimping of other Yahoo services, including Geocities for hosting (silly, since the paid plans top out at 25 MB of space), Yahoo Music Engine for uploading to your website, and Yahoo Shopping for buying a microphone, but then again, that’s exactly why Yahoo does it. Besides not having podcast creation tools, the site is very similar to Odeo. Don’t see Google doing anything similar anytime soon.
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GoogleBlogoscoped vs InsideGoogle

Just for fun, I entered it in the GoogleFight site…

GoogleBlogoscoped vs InsideGoogle

However, if you compare ‘blogoscoped’ with ‘insidegoogle’
You get *this*

So then I figured, what the heck, let’s make it personal.

Philipp Lenssen vs Nathan Weinberg

Ow Yeah : Check Out [GoogleFight] … although I don’t think it’s that new…

Update : Philipp demands a re-match, due to spelling reasons :)

Google Blogoscoped vs Inside Google :) You shouldn’t have mentioned it, hehe.

To give in a little : Google Blogoscoped vs InsideGoogle turns out better for the Blogoscoper.

…or how a simple game can become complicated.

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Remind me when to laugh. Not that its in poor taste or anything, I just fail to see the joke. I’m sure its in there somewhere. Color me confused.
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