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Google Buys JotSpot Wiki

Joe Kraus of JotSpot announces on the official Google blog that Google has acquired them. JotSpot’s wiki software will likely join Google’s Apps For Your Domain and maybe even Docs & Spreadsheets, as the post alludes to. Sign ups for JotSpot have been closed, so get on the wait list before the other 50 million people do.

Not only does Google get Kraus and Graham Spencer, co-founders of popular Web 1.0 search engine Excite, they also get a really great domain name in

Funny, but in May there was a rumor Yahoo had bought them.

Nothing personal, but can we stop this kind of stuff? Please don’t write something awful in your blog post, like Jotoogle or GoogSpot. When has Google ever resorted to such awful naming conventions? They didn’t call Keyhole “Keyoogle” or “Googhole”, or announce that YouTube would be GoogTube. Google has better sense than that, even if they did name their document package after a sex fetish.

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Jesus Loves You in Google Maps

Here’s something strange: A giant “Jesus Loves You” visible in Google Maps and Google Earth.

It is located at 43°38'43.00"N 115°59'33.50"W, or by following this link. Looks like it is a little under 55 meters across.

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Super Parkour Bros.

Here’s a fun Google Video this morning, one that combines an old fav of mine, Super Mario Bros., with something newer and cool (but not cooler), Parkour, the sport of extreme obstacle running. Never heard of it? Just watch the video, and enjoy.

I got an NES emulator for my T-Mobile MDA phone, and recently beat Super Mario Bros. 1 & 3 for the first time in my life. I swear, I play more games on my phone than ever before.
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Major Google Base Update Underway

Garett Rogers discovered a major update to Google Base that was in testing, one designed to make Base able to replace Froogle for the holiday shopping season. It looks like the update is now live, at least for some results types. For example, check out Events and activities or People profiles and you’ll see a new view that shows all the search results on a Google map, so you can see what people or events are near you. It also works for Jobs, Vehicles, Services, and a bunch of other categories. It doesn’t work on Products searches, but if you filter by location, the map comes up, a really smart decision. All very interesting, and really worth checking out.

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Google Founder Shacking Up With Denzel And Sting In New NYC Digs

One of Google’s super-billionaire founders, either Sergey Brin or Larry Page, has bought a new apartment in Manhattan, ponying up as much as $30 million for an apartment at 15 Central Park West in New York City. New York Magazine says the building’s other tenants include Denzel Washington, Jeff Gordon, and Sting (who paid $30 million for his 5,500 square foot, five bedroom penthouse). No comment from Google, obviously.

I’m going to start telling people Sergey is my neighbor. Or Larry. Whatever. Claim first, facts later, right?

UPDATE: Valleywag reports that the fancy building is also home to a… Best Buy? Weird. The location is amazing, though.

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Halloween Google Doodle

Google is running this Doodle to note Halloween.

Here’s Yahoo’s logo:

Yahoo is running a Halloween 2006 page, complete with scary stories, top candies, scary movies, scary music videos, and scary Flickr photos.

Ask is running this full-screen image behind their search page:

Click to enlarge

My favorite part of Halloween is seeing the costumes people are willing to humiliate themselves in or titillate others with. My advice: buy a formerly expensive costume on eBay or in some high-end shops in the days after Halloween, and save it for next year.

Check out last year’s Halloween logos from Google, Yahoo and Ask Jeeves (now just Also, Google’s Halloween jobs page is still up.

UPDATE: Search Engine Roundtable ran one, too. SE Journal shows off the last seven years of Google Halloween logos, all of which are unique, a testament to the talents of Dennis Hwang. Barry also links to Dogpile which ran a full page doodle, like

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YouTube Removes Clips, Just Like It Always Does

A big deal’s been made over the fact that YouTube is cracking down on Comedy Central clips, like those from the Daily Show and South Park. Of course, this is something they’ve long done, they’re just doing a better job of it. Good for them. The balance is tipping already to the point where, if your stuff isn’t on YouTube, it hurts your exposure, and Comedy Central is the big loser, not YouTube. Wait till the next Presidential election, when someone not named John Stewart is getting millions of views on YouTube; or when the next really buzzworthy (”Chef Dies”) South Park episode only gets exposed to those watching the show on the tube, and not millions of additional YouTubers. Yeah, that’s good for business.

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