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Google Images Has Hidden Features

Philipp reported last week that Google is working on image recognition features for Google Images, so that Images will be able to finally recongize what is in photos, not just the names and associated text/metadata, and that two of those features may already be live. You won’t find them anywhere in the Google Images interface, but simply adding a string to the URL will get you access.

If you want to see only images containing the faces of people, add &imgtype=face to the end of the URL.

If you want to see only images from news articles, add &imgtype=news to the end of the URL.

To try it out, Philipp coded a search box that lets you choose from the new parameters. Try it out at the end of his post.

There’s also a Greasemonkey script to add it permanently to your Google Images page.

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K-Fee’s Crazy Ads

Okay, I’m warning you, don’t watch this. Many people have already seen this, but this neighbor kid introduced my wife to these ads, featuring a car driving down a quiet road, interrupted by…

Well, interrupted by my very frightened wife. Jeez, these ads are too much. Check it out:

And here are a few more in the series you may not have seen:









More about them here.

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How Screwed Up Has Google Username Management Become? Observe

Darren Barefoot whipped up this funny graphic showing perfectly why anyone who has been using Google products for more than a couple of years has experienced some grief dealing with the mess of multiple logons and passwords. First, Google services had seperate logins, and Gmail didn’t exist. Then they created Google Accounts and most were Gmail addresses. Then they slowly started moving old accounts over to Google Accounts. Then they bought a bunch of companies with their own logons. Oy!


Feedburner is almost definitely switching to Google Accounts once integrated, but you know what really scares me? The idea of YouTube accounts migrating to Google Accounts. They’d never be stupid enough to do that, would they?

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Video: Terry McAuliffe At Google

The latest video in Google’s Authors@Google series features Terry McAuliffe, former DNC chairman and chairman of the Hillary Clinton Campaign, who spoke Monday at the Googleplex talking about his recent book.

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