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New Blogger Features Available In Draft Mode

Blogger has launched a new platform for beta features they are testing, calling it Blogger in Draft. Blogger in Draft is how they can release new features that aren’t quite ready yet, giving users a chance to try out what they are working on. Not only is it cool, it shows us that indeed Blogger has grown up and is again a live platform with active development and new features. Thank god, because a little while back, I was calling Blogger dead and chastising Google for letting it happen.

The first Draft feature (announced on the Blogger in Draft blog) is video uploading, letting you hit a button while writing a post to choose a video and upload it to Google Video.

Philipp points out one ridiculous thing, not that there’s Blogger in Draft:

*To recap, when a Google product or feature is in early status, it’s called: Labs, Experimental, Draft, Test, or Beta.

Jeez, that’s crazy.

If you haven’t looked at Google Labs in a while, check out Mashable, which has a feature on all the Labs products, including quite a few we haven’t heard from in a while.

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Google Shows Newer Results

Google has added a new advanced search feature that shows you only results from pages that have been created in the last three months, six months, or a year. Previously, Google showed you pages that were updated within a certain timeframe, which would include “older” sites like Google and Yahoo, but the new version is based on the date Google first discovered it, so it only shows newer pages that have launched recently. This means that you can do a search on a topic that interests you, and only get results reflecting new happenings over the last three months.

Ionut Alex has a form that lets you tweak the feature to more than just the 3 month/6 month/1 year ranges, letting you specify a date range of your choosing. Very cool. It’s weird seeing results from just around the time of my wedding.

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YouTube’s #1: Paris Hilton In Jail

YouTube’s got a big #1 video for June called “Paris in Jail”, an extremely well-produced music video parody of Paris Hilton’s “Stars Are Blind” about the heiress’s prison stay. With 6.2 million views in the last 16 days and 19,000 comments, it’s a bona-fide hit. Check it out:

It’s pretty catchy, too.

Even though I got the glamour
Even though my clothes are fab
They throw me in the slammer
Britney gets re-hab

The video was produced by newcomers, who hopefully have more cool stuff coming down the pike. The next JibJab? Hopefully.

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Google Starts Public Policy Blog

New York at night, outside the Port Authority - 2

Google has started another official blog (the 53rd, I think), this one dealing with public policy. The new blog is there to reach out on Google’s position in the myriad of divisive issues it involves itself in, like copyright infringement, patent reform, privacy, net neutrality, censorship and many others. It’s a very smart addition, giving Google more of a voice, and brilliantly, it even allows comments, letting Google participate in a two-way discussion.

It’ll be really interesting seeing what topics they speak out on, and how Google will deal with comments that are highly critical of Google’s positions. Good for them for taking this important step.

The full current list of Google blogs:

AdWords API blog, AJAX Search API blog, Blogger Buzz, Blogs of Note, Custom Search Engine blog, Docs & Spreadsheets blog, Google Analytics blog, Google Base blog, Google Checkout API blog, Google Checkout blog, Google Code (Featured Projects), Google Code (Updates), Google CPG blog, Google Data APIs blog, Google Enterprise blog, Google Gears API blog, Google Health Advertising Blog, Google LatLong, Google Mac blog, Google Maps API blog, Google Mashup Editor blog, Google Online Security blog, Google Public Policy Blog, Google Reader blog, Google Research blog, Google SketchUp blog, Google Talkabout, Google Testing blog, Google Web Toolkit blog, Inside AdSense, Inside AdSense - Deutsche, Inside AdSense - Espanol, Inside AdSense - Français, Inside AdSense - Italiano, Inside AdSense - Nederlandse, Inside AdSense - Portuguese, Inside AdSense - 日本, Inside AdSense - 한국, Inside AdWords, Inside AdWords - Brasil, Inside AdWords - Espanol, Inside AdWords - 日本, Inside Google Book Search, Inside Google Desktop, Librarian Central, Official Google blog, Official Google blog - 한국, Official Google blog - Australia, Official Google blog - Brasil, Official Google blog - Italia, Official Google blog - Japan, Official Google blog - México, Official Google blog - Polska, Official Google blog - Россия, Official Google blog - 中国, Summer of Code blog, Webmaster Central blog, Webmaster Central blog - Deutsche, YouTube API blog, YouTube blog.

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