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Million Dollar Homepage

Wow, this guy is selling advertising one pixel at a time to pay for his college education, and he’s already raised enough for three years of study. There are a million pixels available for a buck apiece, so he calls it the Million Dollar Homepage.
(via Darren Rowse, Problogger extraordinaire)

September 21st, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Advertising, General | 208 comments

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  1. I actually got an ad on

    A lot cheaper. Kind of a knock-off, but that million dollar kid is greedy.

    Comment by Jason | September 22, 2005

  2. Okay, Jason wins.

    … Something :-)

    I love this. Who will top it? Will it be Million Nickel Homepage? Million Quarter Homepage? Million Two-Dollar Bill Homepage? Million Canadian Loonie Homepage?

    If you can’t find Jason’s add, its the stylized “S” about 30 blocks down and 20 blocks accross.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | September 22, 2005

  3. You know darren is not the first to talk about this guy. I read it on blogs at least 3 weeks ago.

    Comment by Shane | September 22, 2005

  4. I never said he was, just that he was the first one to point me that way. Did you blog it?

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | September 22, 2005

  5. I’ve written a small PHP program for you to have your own million dollar ad right on your blog. It’s freeware, and I hope it will turn some bloggers into millionaires. :)

    You can download it here:

    Comment by blewtooth | September 22, 2005

  6. Free pixels here:

    Comment by Eivind | September 23, 2005

  7. There are a whole slew out there of these Million Dollar Homepages

    as well as some country oriented ones for Dutch and German speakers.

    Comment by Shaun Lessey | September 23, 2005

  8. Free is an excellent price, but I’m not sure I’d want to put the work into it. I’ll try to top it with something else. ‘Try’ being the key word, but I think I have a creative twist on it. I’m selling squares on a map of the U.S., with a separate map for personal websites at only $20 a square.

    Comment by Bob | September 23, 2005

  9. Well, if a buck seems like too much for a pixel, how about half a buck? For 10 years, no less. Until 2015.

    Only $0.50 per pixel!

    Comment by Wing Wong | September 23, 2005

  10. maybe millonpesoshomepage

    Comment by Content | September 24, 2005

  11. Million Dollar Homepage vs. Million Penny Homepage - who will sell a million pixels first?

    Comment by James | September 24, 2005

  12. Check out soon to be

    Comment by MillionBucksPuzzle | September 24, 2005

  13. Please visit this website, please tell this website to your friends. Help to collect $125,000 for a library, some books, and food for some poor people.

    Comment by Bluesky Lee | September 25, 2005

  14. Please pay a visit to this website

    Comment by Bluesky Lee | September 25, 2005

  15. Here’s one that is similar but it gives back to the advertisers, or at least to the lucky ones. .25 cents a pixel. It’s the first one with a PRIZE???

    Comment by Powerstar | September 25, 2005

  16. re:Million bucks puzzle,
    Sorry, I don’t get it, do i have to hang around for 10 hours just to see the question? :-S

    Comment by James | September 25, 2005

  17. Here´s another one, they seem to take a more professional approach to selling pixels judging by their layout and all.

    Comment by Johnny | September 26, 2005

  18. On million pixel page ( you can have free pixels!!!

    Comment by John Million | September 26, 2005

  19. Wow what a fab scam. Lets start the and send all the money to the poor african children. Rocks

    Comment by Susan | September 26, 2005

  20. Don’t forget and help a young family. 0.10 per pixel.

    Comment by Ryan | September 26, 2005

  21. I’m a little sceptical about the charity pixel pages. So far having an entertaining contest for me has been working.

    Comment by Powerstar | September 27, 2005


    Bl**dy rip off merchants.

    Comment by Edd | September 27, 2005

  23. Another variation, this time a Million Dollar Mosaic:

    Comment by Jason Brown | September 27, 2005

  24. This onw pays you to refer pixel advertisers…

    Check it

    Comment by Ny Artmaker | September 27, 2005

  25. This one is the best, a minimalistic design where poeple will actually be looking at

    Comment by Jennifer | September 28, 2005

  26. This is just way too funny, I found yet another knock-off site ad they are getting BIG traffic numbers too.

    Comment by Jodi | September 28, 2005

  27. Surely none of these rip offs will get any business?

    Who wants a 10×10 pixel slot on an unknown website anyway?

    Comment by Alan | September 28, 2005

  28. I have an ad on - cheaper, but this is only for eBay sellers.

    Already had some traffic from it… nice one!

    Comment by Terry | September 28, 2005

  29. How about FREE pixels???

    This guy is offering free advertising space online which is a plus in anyones books. the link is:

    Just give it a click its pretty genius stuff.

    Comment by Greg | September 29, 2005

  30. On this site you can give to Hurrican Katrina as well as get advertising space:

    Comment by Sassy | September 29, 2005

  31. click on this site, trying to raise as many hits as possible

    Comment by Mark | September 30, 2005

  32. Don’t forget the Australian Million Dollar Homepage:

    One Million Pixels @ One Australian Dollar Per Pixel!

    Comment by Richard | September 30, 2005

  33. THeres this one as well:

    Comment by JRod | September 30, 2005

  34. and another only this time its based on a 3 tier system

    Comment by dan | September 30, 2005

  35. Wow this site is sending LOTS of traffic to — THANKS!!

    Comment by Sassy | September 30, 2005

  36. there is this new website called “Give me dollar” it charges $1 per block, its well put together and is well worth a look. you can check it out at

    Comment by | September 30, 2005

  37. The Chinese Million Dollar Homepage????? has been so successful that it catches eyes of not only English speakers but also people of other nations.

    A Million Dollar Homepage in Chinese( was launched last week, which grows so fast that it was listed on Alexa’s Mover & Shakers (Chinese website) after only one week, whose traffic rank rise up by 4,000%. (

    Even Alexa noticed this Chinese “copycat”, and mentioned its existence.(

    The Chinese Million Dollar Homepage is designed particularly for Chinese visitors and their block/grid (13×13 pixels) is also larger than the Million Dollar Homepage (10×10 pixels) as Chinese Characters are larger than English letters. On the other hand, the price is set for local market, RMB(Chinese Dollar)100 for each, each is a lot more affordable than US$100.

    According to a Chinese blogger, the Chinese Million Dollar Homepage has been very hot among Chinese bloggers, and it’s been also reported by several major professional Chinese ICPs. And the owners wrote on their blog that, the traffic had grown so fast that they had to purchase their own server only 5 days after it launched .

    The Chinese Million Dollar Homepage also has an English ntroduction page(, which promotes itself as a cost-effective way of reaching Chinese market, in which 60 million people surf Internet. It accepts payment in US$ via Paypal and US$15 per block for people who are not able to pay RMB(Chinese Dollar).

    But the Chinese culture is quite different from the Western culture, will it succeed as the English one? Let’s see.

    Comment by BearSimon | October 1, 2005

  38. ( )
    how to post url?

    Comment by BearSimon | October 1, 2005

  39. and another one. this one u can buy monthly tho, which is at least not such an outlay if it actually works!

    Comment by tom | October 1, 2005

  40. directory style > instead of a hash of unrelated ads.

    Comment by james | October 1, 2005

  41. We are doing stories about another site that is selling pixels but is growing faster than MDHP. Looks like some public company named In Touch Media group is behind it. Looks like pixel advertising is here for awhile.

    Comment by Broberts | October 1, 2005

  42. Forgot to mention the site in my last post. The url is

    Comment by Broberts | October 1, 2005

  43. I found 4 new pixel sites, they are all using the same script. These give away the pixels for FREE, but you can buy the script
    for less than you pay for one block of pixels on the other sites and set it up on your own website.

    This is the main one here

    Then a copy of that one is here

    The next two are for members of and, you must be a member of those sites to get pixels

    Looking for even more :), what a great idea!

    Comment by Jeff | October 2, 2005

  44. I made a list of all the copycats I can find with their site stats and whether they are making money or not:

    And I got even more copycats coming to leave their site addresses in my comments section..

    Comment by Yuna | October 2, 2005

  45. It’s so hilarious, I have eaten my shoe already, how people actually buy pixels. :I
    Well, if they can buy pixels, they surely will buy bricks! lol

    pssssttt: plz don’t tell anyone

    Comment by Moonjunkie | October 2, 2005

  46. You can buy pixels/blocks from the site and add your own banners/ads which contain link to your own page.
    There is 1 million pixels in site and you can deside which place you purchase.

    Comment by Mike Blakely | October 2, 2005

  47. I’m laughing at this whole internet trend.

    Comment by jason | October 2, 2005

  48. On this site you can buy 1 pixel for $1 each. But half of the proceeds are going to the hurricane relief funds in the U.S. This is a great idea, i rather pay money for ads that are going to a good cause instead of someone who is paying for college or needs some new socks!!

    Comment by John | October 2, 2005

  49. this one is the first i have seen that will post your pixel image after confirming your payment. I guess it is the New and Improved version. Wish politicians can come up with creative ways to erase the defecits.

    any way here is the link:

    Why didn’t i think of it first?

    Comment by henry | October 3, 2005

  50. Over at Yuna’s place, we’re having a discussion about how Alex Tew seems to have created a new genre of website.

    My own “spinoff” site is called “The Friendly Neighborhood Home Page.” I am trying to raise money to buy a home.

    There are a ton of sites popping up, but I think that the more creative spinoffs have some chance of success. It’s still very early.

    Comment by Jim | October 3, 2005

  51. here is my website.
    I am trying to raise money for special causes. It is the same concept, money for pixels, but part of the money will be used as donations to the causes listed on the site.

    Comment by Jayson Lindahl | October 3, 2005

  52. Okay so the site ( is getting traffic, which is good! But no one is inquiring about buying space … is there something everyone else is doing that I am not????

    Thanks in advance!

    Comment by Sassy | October 3, 2005

  53. Buy a block from MDA and help support a charity at the same time

    Comment by Mark | October 3, 2005

  54. buy a block from MSA and help support a charity at the same time

    Comment by Mark | October 3, 2005

  55. Hahaha, just red a good review about this million pixel hype

    Comment by YoYo | October 3, 2005


    Comment by Million Dollar Homepage | October 3, 2005

  57. One of the original pixel ad sites:

    Cheap ass pixels and proceeds go to the Red Cross!

    Comment by OMP | October 3, 2005

  58. I decided to drop my spinoff site. Refunds were issued. There are just too many people jumping on the bandwagon, and I didn’t want to be locked into hosting a mostly empty page for 5 years. It was really just something I was testing the waters with. It turns out that the water is getting too crowded with sharks.

    My url now forwards to a list of current “Million” clone sites. It’s a wiki, so anyone can edit the list if they know of new sites.

    Comment by Jim | October 3, 2005

  59. Take a look at “The Auction Homepage”. This site has more potential than all “Million Dollar Homepage” look-a-likes! My opinion is auctioning banners on Ebay is going to make this site’s traffic sky rocket.

    The website address is:

    Comment by | October 3, 2005

  60. brilliant site, everyones at it… check out Half a Dollar Pixel!!!

    Comment by Chris | October 3, 2005

  61. Million Rupees Home page -Indian version

    Comment by vinod | October 4, 2005

  62. Wow! Super sites! Yeah! Really wow! Great!

    Alex’d got a great idea. But what are the others? Yuuuuh!


    Comment by Maciej | October 4, 2005

  63. Hey Jim,

    Thanks for the update, I added my site:
    to the list.


    Comment by Sassy | October 4, 2005

  64. Well I’m doing one and including affiliates of mine. Good cause as I’m an architecture student and making money to build a house we
    designed for coastal zones that will
    withstand hurricanes and submersion. Watch
    somebody will steal that idea now!!! Well anyway I love everything I do even my original reason for doing internet marketing and that is applied art onto furniture, fabric. Look out Martha I can ftp myself now. xoxo Meg

    Comment by Meg Hager | October 4, 2005

  65. Another one:

    Comment by Cookie | October 4, 2005

  66. Still #1 of none pixel pages!
    No Pix But Bricks!

    Comment by Moonjunkie | October 4, 2005

  67. Pixels from Ireland

    Comment by Joe | October 5, 2005

  68. The Auction Homepage started bidding @ eBay!

    Buy pixels from Paypal or 2Checkout.

    1 Week free trial for posting your pixels until 13 Oct. 2005

    Comment by | October 5, 2005

  69. An explosive spin off of the original only we are selling blocks for 1.00 penny each or a penny per pixel. After we sell all of the blocks we are going to blow up a car! :)

    Comment by John | October 5, 2005

  70. I already did it better..

    MillionXXXpixels - Naughty Advertising at it’s best!

    The first fully automated Adult pixel site! Click your pixel, resize and see total in real-time. Click the order button, make payment and your pixel is live!

    Comment by Bill Johnson | October 5, 2005

  71. Hey see me at I am using affiliates also so it makes it more of a on going thing. And it’s pink, for girls…Meg

    Comment by Meg Hager | October 5, 2005

  72. have a look at what these guys are doing…

    Comment by kyle | October 6, 2005

  73. The Indian version of million hollar home page at million rupee homepage -

    Comment by SKumar | October 6, 2005

  74. A real cool one:

    Comment by Marc | October 6, 2005

  75. Here is my page where I raise money for the poor kids in my country:

    Comment by boyan | October 6, 2005

  76. The Japanese version of the popular million dollar homepage… reaching the Japanese market.

    Comment by jimmy | October 6, 2005

  77. there is even an adult one now!

    Comment by Chris Edge | October 6, 2005

  78. here’s the ORIGINAL adult-oriented pixel advertising site.

    make adult internet history for just ONE CENT per pixel!

    Comment by zli | October 6, 2005

  79. New Australian based million dollar website!

    Comment by huge | October 6, 2005

  80. Reserve your Hot Spot now. Affordable online advertising for your home page or online business. You buy the ad at 1 penny per pixel and we blow up a car!

    Comment by Linda | October 7, 2005

  81. Seems to be a plethora of million dollar webpages now. The adult ones seem more fun though.

    how about

    Comment by Terry | October 7, 2005

  82. Don’t forget to get you free pixels. Only a few days left to go.

    Comment by | October 7, 2005

  83. Why spend $100 on 100 pixels when you can spend $50 and get 160,000? Check out

    Comment by Jonny | October 7, 2005

  84. Not just a million dollar homepage, but a BETTER MILLION DOLLAR HOMEPAGE! :)

    Comment by Kelvin Foo | October 7, 2005

  85. For those wanting a more fruity version…

    Comment by Chris Edge | October 8, 2005

  86. those copycats suck… we were the first… yes even before Mr Tew

    Comment by Mike Edge | October 8, 2005

  87. Wow… see now the millionpixel homepage at !

    Comment by Millionpixel | October 8, 2005

  88. Its the the new trend of things, so lets get use to it. Check out a new one. Another collage student getting more than what he needs. HAHA

    Thanks its a good one.

    traffic going up fast and buying is fast paced, hurry and buy.

    Comment by Robert | October 9, 2005

  89. We have an ad at and its growing fast. Top Pixel site in Canada and low cost at only $2 a 10 x 10. Cant go wrong with them and fast setup times.

    Comment by Justin | October 10, 2005

  90. #86 Mike Edge
    your domain was registered a month after Million Dollar Homepage. Great idea.

    Comment by Justin | October 10, 2005

  91. Its easy! just Pick a Pixel, very cheap and effective advertising! HUGE amount of hits per day. Increase your traffic 10 fold

    Comment by Richard Elliot | October 10, 2005

  92. Another, fair too, they acknowledge the UK guy as being the first to come up it….

    Comment by Sam | October 10, 2005

  93. I think this one has one of the best chances of success, he’s creating the Internets most expensive refrigerator, the ads being refrigerator magnets! Very ingenious..

    Comment by Dan | October 10, 2005

  94. This site donates 100% of the profit to the Red Cross to help out with disaster relief such as for the recent hurricanes on the gulf coast. Please advertise!

    Comment by Justin Kleffman | October 11, 2005

  95. I have now added a BLOG to the site, where I am going to talk endlessly about the Pixel Ad craze … also see what has happened on my site (it isn’t all roses I’ll tell ya)


    Comment by Sassy | October 11, 2005

  96. It had to happen. No more Pixels just Characters, will it or won’t it work.

    The Million Dollar RSS Feed

    Comment by Si | October 11, 2005

  97. Here is a good list of most of the pixel sites. You can submit more if they are missing!

    Comment by Pixelwatcher | October 12, 2005

  98. An interesting twin blog pixel site.

    Comment by fan of twins | October 12, 2005

  99. So far, nobody posts them instantly like them.

    Comment by Henry | October 12, 2005

  100. free pixel blocks

    Comment by ulounge | October 13, 2005

  101. The Indian Version of Million Dollar Homepage

    Comment by Sunil | October 14, 2005

  102. This is a more original site…not JUST about advertising. You should check it out!! I am impressed!!! Definitely worth to be supported!!!
    Let me know what you think of it!!

    Comment by Jennifer Kind | October 14, 2005

  103. well I’ve seen millions of copy cat website by now, but this one seems to stand out because they have used their own concept, not just copied Alex’s site.

    Comment by James | October 14, 2005

  104. I just bought pixels to have a pic of my boyfriend and I on this site…awesome way to show ‘the world’ that you care for someone…also would be a good idea…really original and not JUST about advertising like a lot of other sites… check it out and let me know what you think about it! :-)

    Comment by Jenn Kind | October 14, 2005

  105. Oh yeah baby! Sooooo grreeeeaaaatt!! :-)

    Comment by halifaxli | October 14, 2005

  106. Hi again…sorry, I must have forgotten to post the link to the website I was talking about earlier… it is:

    Enjoy! :-)

    Comment by Jenn Kind | October 14, 2005

  107. They should have a competition to reach the million first. Or a live running counter of their net worth.

    Comment by dunbar | October 15, 2005

  108. wow.. lot’s of knock offs out there!!
    i seen quite a few of them. not too many of them look like they’re getting pixels sold.. lol

    this one here is a bit different, you can also buy adspace on a car

    Comment by jody | October 15, 2005

  109. The Online Market Place!!!

    Comment by Kelvin Foo | October 15, 2005

  110. I just found a Indian Version of Million Dollars home page and its named…wow at last a indian version

    Comment by Sam | October 16, 2005

  111. ok what about this one.. talking tiki totem pixel ads!

    Comment by Dylan | October 16, 2005

  112. I think this is the start of a new trend in advertising. Alex Tew had a great idea! I have started my own site, It is a copy cat site but Alex Tew’s site will soon be full at the rate it is going. Advertisers will be looking for other opportunities. I also gave full credit to Alex on my site with a link to his site.

    Comment by Brian | October 16, 2005

  113. Indian version of milliondollarhomepage

    Comment by Sam | October 17, 2005

  114. Forget the pixel hype! Purchase small blocks of time and have your ad displayed at the same time, every day, for seven consecutive days! All advertisers, past and present are listed on the Sponsors page as well. Web site owners can also compete for text link placement via monetary donations.

    Comment by | October 17, 2005


    Comment by Fred | October 17, 2005

  116. I will be giving away a total of 50 Apple Nanos for every 10,000 pixels sold! Buy 1 block or as many as you like and you are entered. The more blocks you buy the more entries or chances and your entries stay in the duration of the 50 drawings!

    Comment by Brian | October 18, 2005

  117. This site is not selling pixels but selling the script that runs a fully automated pixel site, even ads the image automatically.

    Example sites include and

    Comment by John | October 19, 2005

  118. It’s getting a huge hype, there’re more than 300 sites out now…

    Here’re some links to Pixel Toplist and Link sites:

    most of the pixel sites are simple copys, real innovative ones are very rare.. how about this?

    Everybody sells pixel… buy a star! :)

    Comment by sebastian | October 20, 2005

  119. There are a ton of copycats out there. I found this one.

    You can win prizes on this one. I guess thats kinda cool

    I wonder if this is a trend or if it will become something we’ll see for a long time.


    Comment by Steve B | October 21, 2005

  120. hello there,

    we have launched the pixeladv. page . we sell our pixels for everyone in the world for 10 eurocent (also usd and pound sterling) per pixel. your pixels will be online for 5 years. our site will be market by seo-experts. visit us. thx ;-)

    Comment by Silvio | October 21, 2005

  121. You can ad some very savvy folks to this party.

    JPE Advertising and have now created

    What makes us different than the rest?

    You’ll be tapping into an incredible traffic machine. Over the next 6 weeks our JVpartners will be contactin in excess of 10 million subscribers, not just once… at least twice.

    You also have the choice of price points… .25/.50/$1.00 per pixel in 10×10 blocks.

    Your ad will be seen by millions. No doubt about it. Already PixelsAnyone is ranked #7 among the serious pixel sites… and that’s just since Oct 8, 2005.

    Become an advertiser and you’ll be the first to learn of our “next generation” plans for pixel advertising… staying on one page is just the beginning.

    Shari Thomas
    Mover and Shaker

    Comment by Shari Thomas | October 22, 2005

  122. Oh man, this one’s gonna be good. This is a new twist on the theme:

    Comment by riki tiki tavi | October 22, 2005

  123. I decided that if Alex can sell pixels to help pay for college then I can sell pixels to help pay my mortgage ;)

    An added bonus is I’ve only got 350,000 pixels (700×500) so all advertising is visible above the fold.

    Comment by Fund Our House | October 23, 2005

  124. The first Indian million pixel website. The site has been up from October 15, 2005 and is already making waves. Great place for Indians living around the world.

    Comment by Sue | October 24, 2005

  125. He’s giving away part of his money. It’s something new to me on buy pixel sites.

    Comment by Monica | October 24, 2005

  126. In the tradition of “The Million Dollar Homepage” by Alex Tew, Here is Australia’s own million Dollar Homepage - 1 pixel = 1 Australian Dollar

    Comment by Pascal | October 25, 2005

  127. Here’s another with a twist:

    1 in 4 buyers get an ipod Nano until the first 100 ads are bought. We’re trying to get as much traffic as we can as fast as we can and hopefully sustain it for years to come.

    Comment by Joe | October 27, 2005

  128. Check out

    Comment by Fund My Stuff | October 28, 2005

  129. Another version, this time in french : Bloc de pub, and selling each bloc of 10×10 pixels only 10 euros instead of 100$ … starts to be really interesting now !

    Comment by cmenet | October 30, 2005

  130. Make Over $1,000,000 Today! The best pixel names and fully automated site!

    Comment by charles | October 31, 2005

  131. has made some changes. Now, advertisers can choose the time and day and have their ads displayed at the same time/day for a full year!

    Comment by | November 7, 2005

  132. Like5 Free text Link Advertising Onto 20 x 20 Circles Get Them Now

    Comment by | November 8, 2005

  133. Don’t forget the Canadians and that cheap loonie!

    Comment by k00kster | November 9, 2005


    Comment by k00kster | November 9, 2005

  135. A new site, but innovative this time:

    This one let’s you place ads on a map of the Earth thanks to Google Maps. More playful than boring grids.

    Comment by MapShares | November 10, 2005

  136. So many clone sites. Here’s another with a shorter domain name. It’s sort of different because it has 958,000 pixels instead of the usual 1 million.

    Comment by Ian | November 13, 2005

  137. Visit and purchase Pubic Ad Space! It’s pixel advertising with a twist!

    Comment by | November 17, 2005

  138. Here’s a unique site in the midst of all of these copycat sites. Check it out!

    Comment by givebobadollar | November 19, 2005

  139. Try this web site. There’s not a pixel in sight.
    May make you laugh.

    Mr Cloud

    Comment by Mr Cloud | November 19, 2005

  140. dont forget to click on the clouds in the sky…………………

    Comment by Mr Cloud | November 19, 2005

  141. Now, what about REAL pixels?

    Comment by Serious | November 21, 2005

  142. I like my dads web site, mom doesnt know about it yet, she will go crazy if she sees it……

    Comment by Cloudette | November 24, 2005

  143. A new pixel page - Pixel Ads For Website provides Pixel Advertising Solutions to help our clients promote thier web sites. pixels ads will be visible for at least 5 years.

    Comment by Lake Kern | November 28, 2005

  144. The best looking Australian site around and it’s offering $10,000 (AUD) worth of free pixels!

    Comment by Norman | November 28, 2005

  145. It’s URL is:

    Comment by Norman | November 28, 2005

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  147. Another new directory pixel site

    Comment by pixelguy | December 4, 2005

  148. check this website out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by paul | December 4, 2005


    This site is different from the rest. It uses its advertisers’ money and uses it to advertise their own to get their advertisers’ a continuous flow of traffic. awesome partnership. this is how all pixel sites should be!

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  150. Buy Pixels at Million Pixel Page for your Internet Advertisement. Purchase pixels from the Million Pixel page and advertise your website on a prime piece of Internet property for a full five years!
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    Comment by John | December 8, 2005

  151. Whoo Hoo! has crossed that magical marker of 50K with Alexa. We join a very elite group of pixel pages (only 7 of us) out of the nearly 760.

    When you’re ready for advertising that gets seen by millions, and continual promotion on your behalf, you’ve got to buy space at It’s just a no-brainer!

    Comment by Shari Thomas | December 8, 2005

  152. There are all kinds of ideas to tweak the Million Dollar Homepage idea, but how out this site created by a young, married couple wanting to travel the world. They are offering the first 1,000 bloggers $100 for their post about their site if they reach their goal of $1,000,000. Check it out:

    Comment by Javier Tadefa | December 10, 2005

  153. This one’s from an artist in London. He’s got some projects he’s working on.

    He’s already made $2000 which is pretty impressive. He got a link onto the million penny homepage so they’ll be around for a while!

    Pretty cool idea

    Comment by Simon | December 12, 2005

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  155. I just wanna add Big Fat Ad to the list!

    Comment by Mattias | December 28, 2005

  156. OK, I’m ready to advertise my personal picture on this pixel site just because the girl who worked on it is slamming! Check it out:

    Comment by Joe Ramirez | January 2, 2006


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