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How To Embed Google Presentations

If you’ve been using Google Presentations (the whole three hours it’s been live), you probably wish you could embed one in your blog (in fact, I said so in my overview). Well, Matt Cutts read my post and figured out a gosh-darned easy way. Here’s my Presentation:

Yeah, that’s easy. All you need to do is wrap the Presentation URL in an IFRAME. It’s so simple, it should be illegal! Use this code:

< iframe src="" width=600 height=400 >< /iframe >

… but change the URL to your Presentation, and adjust the size as necessary.

Head over to my Presentation to join the chat room. People are discussing lemurs, Google, and whatnot (especially whatnot).

September 18th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Apps, Docs, Products, General | 9 comments

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    Last night Google added support for presentations to Google Docs. Nathan’s on top of the game and offers a solid walk-thru with screenshots and along with some help from Matt Cutts shares how to embed presentations in your webpages using IFRAME.

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  5. There is a big privacy issue, I have already gathered 300+ mail addresses with that. Google is aware about it, I hope they will fix it quickly.

    Comment by TOMHTML | September 18, 2007

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  7. In this large frame the document looks great. Of course one must also be logged into his or her Google account before the sharing features are enabled. Luckily a link to open this presentation appears below the thumbnail for the first slide.

    So far, Firefox and Camino are working with the frame. Google Docs have yet to support Safari so this frame will not appear in Apple’s native browser. We’ll just have to alert our readers.

    Comment by Christopher Harley | September 20, 2007

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