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Google Issues Major Update To AdSense

Google yesterday made some major modifications to the AdSense interface andTerms of Service.

The interface is “friendlier” (or, as The Blog Herald describes it, of a “more Google-mail type”) with summaries of your daily earnings and best performing sites. Nicholas sends me a link to the FAQ page which lists the interface changes, which I’ve included in the extended entry. Darren Rowse says “the changes are fairly cosmetic with no real changes to the actual system”.

It’s interesting to see which changes to the AdSense Terms of Service people consider the most significant. Darren says:

The one I’m most interested in is that you now have to seek Google’s permission to put two different publisher’s codes on the one page. ie if you want to run ads for two different people on the one page. This will impact the revenue share systems of some blog networks.

while The Blog Herald says:

with the most interesting one being the clause on publicity, with users now having to agree (I think for the first time) that “Google may use Your name and logo in presentations, marketing materials, customer lists, financial reports and Web site listings of customers”…basically letting Google use your blog logo and name where ever and when ever it wants

Everybody’s got their own opinion. Jensense details all of the changes. One change has been to expand the term “Site” to include individual pages and RSS feeds. Google now also reserves the right to terminate accounts that don’t receive enough impressions. Finally, there is a notice that publishers cannot alter the ad code to affect targeting (since some were using the Premium AdSense features only available to larger publishers).

Updated AdSense Reports

The information contained in your Reports tab has changed! We put our designers to the test, to create a report center that better suits your needs as an AdSense publisher. Your main Reports page now contains a snapshot of the day’s numbers, with drill-down links to view your current top-performing channels. Change the date range from the View drop-down list, or use Quick Reports to see more detailed account performance information.

Your ‘old-style’ reports are still available from the Advanced Reports links at the top of the page. The Advanced Reports pages allow for full customization of your data, including filtering by channel. Check out the Find Channels feature, available when you select Channel data as your report type, to search through a large number of channels in your account.

Page Impression Data for Channel Reports

You can now view your Channel data reports using either Page or Individual Ad Unit numbers. This choice can give you better insight into the performance of pages with multiple ad units - our AdSense Support center article describes the difference between these two options.

AdSense Demos

If you’re just getting started with AdSense, or if you’re a veteran who would like to learn more about available features, take a look at the new AdSense Getting Started with AdSense Demo. It’s a video presentation covering the steps from accessing your account to showing ads on your page, and covers features such as alternate ads, custom colors, the AdSense preview tool, competitive ad filters, and more.

We’ve also created the Payment Demo, for those who want to learn more about payment options and timelines. Both are always available from the AdSense Support center, along with many other useful resources.

July 15th, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | AdSense, Advertising, General | one comment

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  1. I think that the changes are welcome as the new interface they have provided looks much more professional and is easy to use

    Comment by Nicholas Dixon | July 18, 2005

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