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Dave Winer Tears Yahoo A New One + Get A 360 Invite

Dave Winer is not happy with Yahoo over 360.

It’s a ghost town with 404’s all over for people who weren’t invited, the exact wrong thing to do on rollout day. The home page of the site is 404.

You know it was somewhat cute when Google did the invite-only thing with Gmail, but you could use it to communicate with people who didn’t use it. This software is broken for people who aren’t 360 users! And Orkut was invite-only too, and it’s as dead as can be now.

BTW, Yahoo doesn’t have its mojo back. What a crock. Their idea of hip is to copy everyone else, badly. Let the Flickr folks, who really do have mojo, show that the elephant can dance, just a little.

PS: Now the redesign of Yahoo Groups makes sense. They made it look like 360. And the pictures? Well, 360 shows pictures of people and groups. Now, too bad most of the groups don’t actually have pictures. Someone should have thought that through. Did they think 360 was going to be such a raging success that it would make all the groups want to add pictures? This is what happens when big corporations plan out grand strategies, checking their assumptions with focus groups (if they check them at all). Flickr on the other hand, proved every one of its ideas with users. We know which approach leads to usable software.

Now, Dave has been a little angry lately, but his points are all valid. First off, Yahoo needs to get rid of the 404s; they just convince people the site doesn’t work. How about a page that says “You need to be a registered user”. Second, get rid of the invites. Invites don’t create a stronger user community, they create a smaller user community. I want to get on and find people I know. I don’t have time to spam my friends with invites. If they think its cool, they shouldn’t have to find out who has an invite; they should be able to sign up. Why are you turning away potential, interested users?

I still think Yahoo has its mojo back. But 360, while more versatile, has made some usability mistakes. I’m working on a 360 page for myself (forgive the lame placeholders and pictures of my cat), finding all the kinks in the system, and posting them as I go along. If you’d like an invite, just ask.

March 29th, 2005 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Yahoo, General | 48 comments


  1. I would dearly love an invite! :) Thanks!

    Comment by Dan Kearns | March 29, 2005

  2. me too! I’m a heavy user of Yahoo! Groups and would like to see what Yahoo 360 can do for my Yahoo! Groups

    Comment by Thomas Ho | March 29, 2005

  3. My email is so please send the invite there…

    Comment by Thomas Ho | March 29, 2005

  4. Would love an invite if you have any to spare.

    Comment by Dazzlindonna | March 29, 2005

  5. Would really love to have an invitation. My email is deleted[at]
    Thanks a lot!

    Comment by Kenneth Cheung | March 29, 2005

  6. Hi - I would love an invite!
    Booo 404 pages…boooo…
    Please invite me!!!

    Comment by Jamie | March 29, 2005

  7. Wow, this is a little sad. I suggest a InsideGoogle contest where the winner gets a Yahoo Inivte.

    Comment by Nicholas | March 29, 2005

  8. Hi, would love to try out Yahoo! 360. Thanx in advance.

    Comment by Nirav Patel | March 29, 2005

  9. Six invites sent out so far. No charge, no contest. Enjoy! I’d appreciate a link back if anyone has a site.
    Also, do not leave your email address in your comment. If you leave it in the E-mail submit field, I see it and it doesn’t go out in public.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | March 29, 2005

  10. Hi, I would like an invite as well. Thanks!

    Comment by Craig Walters | March 29, 2005

  11. hey, I would love to have a Yahoo 360 invite pls. and good work on the blog. been reading u for a long time now. hope u get well soon :)

    Comment by Danish Munir | March 29, 2005

  12. Hi,

    It’s very kind of you offering invites to perfect strangers. I belong to that wide community and would be really happy with an invite.

    Thanks a lot!

    Comment by Dani Gayo | March 29, 2005

  13. 404s? I don’t get 404s?

    Comment by jp | March 29, 2005

  14. hey nathan..i would love an invite :D

    Comment by Matt | March 29, 2005

  15. I’d gladly trade a link back for an invite. Eager to check it out. -Spice

    Comment by Jim Spice | March 29, 2005

  16. I would appreciate an invite as well, Nathan, if you don’t mind.

    Comment by Matt Saler | March 29, 2005

  17. Hey Nathan, Is Yahoo limiting the invites? If not I’ll take one! :)

    *kisses butt* hope you are feeling better, missed you all weekend on the aggregator :)

    Comment by Joe Brooks | March 29, 2005

  18. Seems like Yahoo wants to create strong buzz word like what Google did with GMail. And yes, that 404 error page sucks….. Anyways, I’ll really appreciate if you could send me an invite Nathan

    Comment by Raghu | March 29, 2005

  19. Of course I am wanting to get in line for an invite. Thanks for the generosity

    Comment by J Doss | March 29, 2005

  20. Hey Nathan,
    thanks for the invite offer. Look fwd testing Yahoo360.

    Comment by Alfonso von wunschheim | March 29, 2005

  21. I’d love an invite, and I agree, the whole 404 thing is really horrible. Seems like they would have tested that aspect a little better especially if they new they were going to do a rollout like this.

    Comment by Michael Parker | March 29, 2005

  22. I would like an invite if you have some more. Thanks

    Comment by steven | March 29, 2005

  23. Hello: I would like an invite please. Thanks you.

    Comment by Jim | March 29, 2005

  24. Invite please for a loyal reader of yours.

    Comment by Derrick | March 29, 2005

  25. I’d appreciate an invite Nathan.

    Keep up the good work, I’m a long time reader :)

    Comment by badrad | March 29, 2005

  26. An invite would be most appreciated, thanks Nathan!

    Comment by ElfWord | March 29, 2005

  27. Hi Nathan,

    I would like an invite please. BTW, your blog is great. I have been reading it since it was on Blogger. Now I subscribe to the RSS.


    Comment by Joe | March 29, 2005

  28. Been enjoy your blogging for a while now. Thanks in advance for an invite.

    Comment by this guy | March 29, 2005

  29. Just sent out 17 more, for a total of 24. Keep em coming!

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | March 29, 2005

  30. I’d like an invite, please. Thanks!

    Comment by H | March 29, 2005

  31. I’ll take an invite. Thanks!

    Comment by O | March 30, 2005

  32. Please invite! :) Thx!!! i.

    Comment by Igor Jablokov | March 30, 2005

  33. Invite me please!

    Comment by lucky134me | March 30, 2005

  34. Despite the pb you have with 360, I’d like to try and get an invite. Thanks.

    Comment by nomadeous | March 30, 2005

  35. I’d like an invite.Thanks

    Comment by Wildman | March 30, 2005

  36. I’d love an invite. Thanks already!

    Comment by holojames | March 30, 2005

  37. Nathan,
    Can I get an invite? Thanks.

    Comment by Scott | March 30, 2005

  38. If you give me an invite, I’ll name my first four children after you. :) Thanks in advance.

    Comment by Davak | March 30, 2005

  39. I would like an invite, as well.


    Comment by Eric | March 30, 2005

  40. Could I have an invite please. Many thanks, and thanks for your blog.

    Comment by Alison | March 30, 2005

  41. thanks for the invite :)

    Comment by David | March 31, 2005

  42. 35 invites so far sent from this post. I’m enjoying this :-)

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | March 31, 2005

  43. Would love an Invite

    Comment by Moshe Eshel | March 31, 2005

  44. Would love an invite, thanks! delete[AT]delete[DOT]com

    Comment by Amy | March 31, 2005

  45. Just want to remind everyone not to post their email address, but instead just enter it in the form.

    Comment by Nathan Weinberg | March 31, 2005

  46. I’d love an invite!! Thanks!!

    Comment by Ross | April 11, 2005

  47. Would love an invite thanks.

    Comment by Keith | April 14, 2005

  48. hey you wont miss out today love u all

    Comment by pauline | October 21, 2005

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