Google and MSN Disagree On Future Of Search

By Coolz0r

The major search companies have expressed varying ideas on how Web searching will evolve over the next few years, with MSN claiming that there will be significant changes in the user interface of search engines and Google contending that changes in the underlying technology will be more important.

ZDNet Australia covers the point of view of the three major search engines very well in their article, go there for some context and MSN’s and Yahoo’s predection. Here’s what Google thinks it’s going to become:

Matthew Glotzbach, the director of product management for Google’s enterprise products, disagreed [with MSN’s Saleel Sathé] , claiming that advances in technology will mean that users will not need to provide more information.

“In the distant future we will not be able to get you to take more action, because we will get close enough with what you give us. A lot of emphasis will continue on doing that in the background — getting the technology to figure out [what you want],” he said. “Larry Page [the co-founder] of Google often says, ‘the perfect search engine would understand exactly what you mean and give back exactly what you want’.”

Search technologies are still in their infancy, according to Glotzback, who indicated “we’ve by no means hit the point where search is perfect.”

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