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Google Facing Increased Competition from Ask

There’s an interesting article over at FORTUNE about how Ask has been improving itself and stands to increase its market share of the lucrative search business. While the article is light on details, and is mainly a puff piece, it’s still interesting that the mainstream media is realizing that Ask is back with a vengeance. They are a force to reckon with following their recent blogsearch introduction, improvements to their map service that lets you add locations and plot a trip, and their relaunch of the site sans Jeeves. While Google continues to be the main player in the search field, Ask is purely focused on search while Google continues to expand into more areas. It’s nice to see Ask finally getting some due press, and hopefully they will keep Google on their toes.


June 3rd, 2006 Posted by Jason Schramm | Ask, Search, General | 2 comments

Google Base Integration in Google

The Google Base Blog has a post clarifying how Google Base entries are being integrated into Google. Products and vehicles will appear in Froogle search results as long as all required attributes are filled in. If a location is specified products can be listed in Froogle Local. And local business listings submitted to Google Base will appear in Google Maps. Listings can also be included in some experimental tests in Google search results, such as displaying recipe information.

Looks like a welcome addition as long as content is filtered and spam-free.

Via the Google Base Blog

June 3rd, 2006 Posted by Jason Schramm | Base, Google Maps, Froogle, Search | no comments

Google Suggesting Bookmarks in IE Toolbar

In the latest Google Toolbar for IE, you can easily bookmark pages from the toolbar by starring it. Then when you write in the search box it will try to match up your terms with some of your bookmarks. It can also find matches from your search history. It seems to have a bit of trouble with partial matching, meaning matching what you write with part of a word. It can match the beginning of a word, and it can match part of a word that is a made up of a few words (like BlogNewsChannel). Results are marked with “Bookmarks” or “History” next to them, and separated from the suggestions below that use Google Suggest technology.

Your bookmarks are easily accessible from any computer and they can be accessed through your Google account here. I’ll be waiting for this to come to the Firefox toolbar. The feature makes finding bookmarks easier, though the word you are looking for must actually be in the bookmark. They don’t check for the theme of the bookmark. That seems like something might be able to do one day.

June 3rd, 2006 Posted by Jason Schramm | History, Toolbar, Products, Search, Tools | 4 comments

Google Calendar API

The Google Calendar Data API has been around a bit, but it doesn’t seem to be well known. The API lets you interact with the calendar, querying it and updating events. If you already have an event database you can feed it to a Google Calendar using this API. The documentation seems a bit complex with all the features they detail, but it could make for a useful tool.

June 3rd, 2006 Posted by Jason Schramm | Calendar, Tools | 2 comments