Happy Birthday, Google Base

By Nathan Weinberg

One year ago today, Google unveiled Google Base, its vague-yet-powerful repository for “everything”. While Base is proving useful for certain types of queries, and is developing into some sort of replacement for Froogle, the typical user has never ever even heard of or used Base. It remains to be seen how critical Google sees Base as being to its long-term plans, as it has been a year, and many of the original promises of Base have not been fulfilled, or under-utilized.

The one thing we did see used from Base were extra search boxes and options above certain search results, like for “google careers”. Those boxes don’t show up anymore, meaning the promised integration into regular Google search results was actually rolled backwards. Meanwhile, Ask.com and others are rolling out lots of extra features in the same space we thought Base was going to integrate. It seems like Google’s desire to automate everything is holding it back from doing the same things many of its competitors are adding all the time.

The Guardian blog has a hilarious take:

Amazing to think that Google Base is one year old today. As predicted, it proved so powerful and so easy to use that it has already gobbled up most of the world’s information, made Craigslist redundant, and brought Amazon to its knees. It just proves how right Google was to ignore microformats etc. Just imagine how much more amazing it will be when it comes out of beta in another four or five years! Or not, as the case may be….

November 16, 2006 by Nathan Weinberg in:

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