Google Checkout’s Free Money Includes Some Charity

By Nathan Weinberg

Not only is Google being charitable with its money via the Google Checkout program, giving you $10 towards purchases of TV’s, DVD players, sweaters, and lots of other stuff, but they’re also giving money to charity. Google unveiled its “Cyber Monday” promotion, which includes some new merchants that accept Checkout, including a few charities.

So, instead of saving ten bucks on that new video game, you can give $30 to the United Nations Foundation, the Acumen Fund, TechnoServe, Global Green USA, and Campus Climate Challenge, and Google will add ten dollars to your donation. That’s a much better use for all those Google dollars, and may in the end represent more money given to charity than the Google Foundation has given in over a year. This, I actually like.

November 27, 2006 by Nathan Weinberg in:

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