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Nike Does Google Maps Runners Mashup

Nike has released a Google maps mashup called “Nike+ : Map It” that helps runners track, distribute and share their runs. There are pre-programmed routes all over the country, and tons of runners in the Nike+ program running them with you (all told, 6.7 million miles have been run by the community).

If you don’t like the (or don’t have any) routes in your area, you can draw one right on the map, see how long it is, and track it, as well as share it with the rest of the community. I see some cool (and some difficult) routes in my neighborhood, and it would be cool to run into somebody else trying the same thing I am. I couldn’t get it to login, but it certainly looks cool and useful for getting a good run in… maybe when the weather gets better.
(via Google Maps Mania)

February 7th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Google Maps, Services, General | no comments

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