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Google Launches Free 800-Number Local Search

Google has launched a free local search service that you can access via 1-800-GOOG-411 (800.466.4411). It’s simple, does only one thing, and isn’t perfect, but it could be the start of a very useful service. You call, give your city and state, followed by a business name or category, and the automated voice starts giving you search results. Sometimes, if it isn’t a dictionary word, the voice guy has trouble making any sense, but the voice recognition seems very solid.

Google’s big competitor in this space is TellMe, which is advertising its competing business search, and was just bought by Microsoft. I love TellMe, but I’m really not liking their business search, which suffers from voice recognition problems, and the annoying habit of asking you what city and state, and later street you are looking for, regardless of previous searches. Still, that’s not what I use TellMe for; I rely on it for news, weather, sports scores, and lots of other vital info. They’ll have to work to beat Google at delivering a good local search product (frankly, neither is doing that good of a job, but Google’s is better), but Google couldn’t hurt to maybe add Google News to their service.

Listen to this clip of it in action from Download Squad:

goog 411.mp3

As you can see, it’s not really all that friendly or nice sounding, but it is mostly effective. TechCrunch says Google may have acquired this in part from 1-877-520-FIND

April 11th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Google Local, Search, General | 6 comments

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  6. That great except…how the hell-0 do you call Google for accessing your account? do they have an 800 number if you need help? they have my blocked and I cant talk to a human…

    Comment by mee mOe | April 3, 2008

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