Google Beats Earnings Expectations Again, Stock Jumps

By Nathan Weinberg

Google has released their quarterly earnings report for January-March 2007, and the results are excellent. Google reported revenue of $3.66 billion for the three-month period, up 63% from $2.25 billion a year earlier, and $2.53 billion after traffic acquisition costs, beating analyst expectations of $2.49 billion. Net income for the quarter was a solid $1.0 billion, up from $592 million a year before. Earnings per share were $3.18, up from $1.95, and would have been $3.68 before employee stock compensation, smashing the analyst’s best guess of $3.30.

The stock is jumping in after hours trading:


Other stats:

  • Google sites continue to outperform the AdSense network, which is plumetting as a percentage of revenues. Google sites beat Google Network with 62% of revenue at $2.28 billion, up 76%, while AdSense made up 37% with $1.35 billion, up a lower 45%.
  • International revenues are now 47% of all revenue, $1.71 billion.
  • Aggregate paid clicks have increased 52% since last year.
  • Other expenses, like data center expenses, have decreased as a percentage of revenues, from 10% to 9%
  • The tax rate was 26% for the quarter.
  • Google has $11.9 billion in cash.
  • Google has 12,238 employees, having hired 1,564 people in three months.
  • Non-advertising revenue was $36 million, almost exactly one percent of revenue. Yikes!
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