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Google Guy Wedding Was In Swimsuits

Details finally coming out on the Sergey Brin/Anne Wojcicki wedding, and the Mercury News (reg) has a lot of info. Turns out the wedding was sometime between May 4 and 6, and it took place on a sandbar in the Bahamas. Guests were asked to wear swimsuits, and given the option of swimming to the ceremony, or taking a boat. Presumably the bride and groom, wearing white and black swimsuits (naturally) swam instead of taking the lazy route.

There were about 60 guests (I’m guessing at least one of which was worth about $16 billion, just like the groom), and the wedding was done in a fashion similar to Jewish tradition, but not fully kosher (no rabbi).

Like at any Jewish wedding, Sergey had to stomp on a glass and break it at the end of the ceremony. Considering he was in a swimsuit, I hope he didn’t try that barefoot or in sandals. I know a guy who smashed the glass at his wedding and had a shard slice up into his foot (despite the glass being wrapped in a napkin), requiring him to go get stiches in mid-wedding. Not fun.

One question still remains: Where do we send gifts?
(via Valleywag)

UPDATE: Aaaaaand they rented the place from David Copperfield. Yes, the David Copperfield. For $325,000.

May 17th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Culture, General | one comment

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  1. Send gifts to me. He has enough money already.

    Comment by Jason Schramm | May 17, 2007

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