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Google Shows Newer Results

Google has added a new advanced search feature that shows you only results from pages that have been created in the last three months, six months, or a year. Previously, Google showed you pages that were updated within a certain timeframe, which would include “older” sites like Google and Yahoo, but the new version is based on the date Google first discovered it, so it only shows newer pages that have launched recently. This means that you can do a search on a topic that interests you, and only get results reflecting new happenings over the last three months.

Ionut Alex has a form that lets you tweak the feature to more than just the 3 month/6 month/1 year ranges, letting you specify a date range of your choosing. Very cool. It’s weird seeing results from just around the time of my wedding.

June 20th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Search, General | no comments

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