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Maybe Google Universal Search Didn’t Notice The Anal Sex?

Google needs to do a better job filtering videos in its universal search, especially if they are going to show videos in the search results. The oopsy: A video that talks about the benefits of anal sex if you misspell the word “endorsed”. You can see it in these search results, or embedded below (the video is safe for work, the audio is not):

What this really teaches us is twofold:

First, Google does not embed videos in universal search if you are using strict SafeSearch filtering. I switched my preference and the video remained in the results, but it was not embedded for playback.

Second, Google does not properly index YouTube tags in its search engine, a real stupid move. The tags for this video clearly are “Johhny, dude, black, anal”. Google should be indexing these tags to determine results that shouldn’t show up in SafeSearch (it clearly doesn’t) and it should be using these tags so that videos with explicit tags never show up embedded in search results. Even if Google didn’t own YouTube, you’d expect it to use metadata and tags for these determinations on popular community sites, the fact that it doesn’t with its own site just makes it twice as stupid.
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June 27th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | YouTube, Services, General | no comments

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