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Google Docs Getting Dictionary/Thesaurus/Encyclopedia Integration

Ionut Alex of Google System found some references in the Google Docs code to integration with some good reference products. The lines in the code read:

var MSG_MERRIAM_WEBSTER_DICTIONARY_DIALOG_TITLE="Merriam Webster Definition: \"%1\"";
var MSG_MERRIAM_WEBSTER_THESAURUS_DIALOG_TITLE="Merriam Webster Thesaurus: \"%1\"";
var MSG_ENCYCLOPEDIA_BRITANNICA_DIALOG_TITLE="Encyclopedia Britannica: \"%1\"";
var MSG_GET_DICTIONARY_DEFINITION="Dictionary definition for \"%1\"";
var MSG_GET_THESAURUS_RESULTS="Thesaurus tool for \"%1\"";
var MSG_GET_ENCYCLOPEDIA_ARTICLE="Encyclopedia article for \"%1\"";

Strangely, there’s also code in there about “update your blog post now”, but that could just be related to some feature I’m not paying attention to.

Anyway, it appears Google is adding integration with some popular dictionaries, thesauruses (thesaurusii?) and the Encyclopedia Britannica, presumably to let you look up the definition of a word, the encyclopedia article about it, or query the thesaurus for better ways to say something. Should be very useful to current Docs users.

July 2nd, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Docs, Products, General | one comment

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  1. Tony provides a method that you can test the new feature before it’s officially integrated…

    Comment by Haochi | July 2, 2007

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