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Google Hiring At A Very Specific Pace

Ionut Alex had a very interesting chart showing how Google’s hiring pace correlates to its stock price, with Google hiring almost as fast as the stock rises. I found the chart interesting, but given the volatility of the stock (it didn’t go up for an entire year, and it can go down, while Google keeps hiring), I though I’d compare it to another statistic: Google’s quarterly revenue. The results are amazing:


Yes, Google hires almost exactly based on its revenues. The numbers rise so specifically, I’d almost argue it was deliberate, and it makes sense. A company should hire based on its revenue; the more money you make, the more people you need to make that money. Remind me to check this chart again down the line, see how it correlates in the future if revenues or hiring go down.

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Google Maps Adds Mashups In MyMaps

Google Maps has added over 100 third party mashups to its MyMaps feature, letting you access some great mashups for additional information. Go to MyMaps and click Add Content, and you’ll be sent to this content directory, with a distance measuring tool, gas prices, real estate search, earthquake data, movie times, Chicago transit, Chicago crime, random facts, where to find parking in Taipei, Flickr photos, Wikipedia, area calculator, webcams, weather, and much more. Any website using Google Maps API can add their mashup to the directory, and Google is working on monetization so those mashups don’t lose money by not having the mashups on their site.

As Mashable points out, this is Google getting a little more like Facebook, hosting the Applications in their own website. It hasn’t worked out well for Facebook application developers, who pay a lot on bandwidth bills while making no money off their Facebook apps, but if Google can help mashup developers make real money, they’ll have the better platform.

Here’s a Google video on YouTube explaining the new feature:

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Need A New Card

UPDATE: On a side note, I’m putting together a computer for my wife, and I just found out 168-pin SDRAM is WAY expensive. Anyone have any sitting around they don’t need?

I’ve pushed this off long enough, and I need to order new business cards today, like, within a few hours. I’m no designer, so I’m trying my best, but I don’t know. How’s this?


If you’d like to try something, or suggest something, let me know.

What about something plainer, like this:


Or this:


Some people hate the color on the second one, so here’s another color:


Bill linked to this really cool design he mocked up:

I really like it! Let me know what you think, I think I’m gonna use it.

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Google Wins, Like, Every Webware Award

You Gotta love the Webware 100 Awards. With ten winners per category, every multi-billion-dollar corporation can win multiple times, often in every category! Gee, it’s just like the Oscars!

Here’s what Google won:

Google Reader won in the Browsing category, Gmail won in the Communications category, Google won in the Data category, YouTube won in the Media category, GOOG-411 won in the Mobile category*, Gmail Mobile won in the Mobile category, Google Maps Mobile won in the Mobile category, Google AdWords/AdSense won in the Productivity and Commerce category, Google Calendar won in the Productivity and Commerce category, Google Docs won in the Productivity and Commerce category, Blogger, won in the Publishing category, Feedburner in the Publishing category, Google Analytics won in the Publishing category, and Google Maps won in the reference category.

Other companies:

My Yahoo - Browsing; Yahoo Mail - Communication, Yahoo Messenger - Communications; Yahoo Search - Data; Flickr - Media; Yahoo Video - Media; Yahoo OneSearch - Mobile; Yahoo Maps - Reference.

Internet Explorer - Browsing; Windows Live Hotmail - Communications; Windows Live Messenger - Communications; Windows Live Search - Data; TellMe - Mobile; Microsoft Office Live - Productivity and Commerce; Silverlight - Publishing; Microsoft Virtual Earch - Reference.

Everyone else makes an appearance, and in most categories, every major player is a winner. I love award shows where everyone wins. It’s like those Little Leagues where everyone gets a trophy and no one learns to be an adult.
(via The Google Analytics Blog)

* - cough, bullshit, cough. It’s a brand new service, and unless it feeds the homeless, it deserves nothing yet. Category filler.

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