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Latest YouTube Craze: Obama Girl

There’s another video going viral on YouTube, this one called “I Got A Crush On Obama” starring “Obama Girl”. The video was actually created by Ben Relles of, with Rick Friedrich producing the music, Leah Kauffman on vocals (yes, Obama Girl is lipsyncing) and direction by Larry Strong and Kevin Arbouet.

The original video already has 2.4 million views, and there are six following videos by the team, including outtakes, and appearance on the Wallstrip vlog, Headline News getting funny with “McCain Mama“, Obama Girl taking on Joy Behar for calling her a whore, and the sequel, Giuliani Girl vs. Obama Girl:

Obama Girl is Amber Lee Ettinger, pictured here from her website:


July 17th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | YouTube, Services, General | one comment

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  1. Hi! Greetings from Spain. Very nice and very cool video. Fantastic and incredible. And great imagination, too. Congratulations girls. Here, in my country our video is very famous (you’re even in the national news, girls). I hope you the best. Thanks for a great thing. Keep on fighting, beautiful girl. God bless you, and Obama too. Bye.

    Comment by Sofacolchon | July 21, 2007

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