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YouTube’s New Custom Embedded Players

Looks like I caught something last night in my Chocolate Rain post that I didn’t even realize was a new feature. YouTube now lets you embed a customized player. Take a look:

Lots of stuff in there. You can choose the color of the band surrounding the player. You can use a single video player or a playlist player. The player is considerably larger than the standard player, even in single video mode. You can embed any video, embed your favorites, or embed any playlist. You can save the player, and if you edit it in the future, anywhere you embedded it will be updated. If you embed a playlist, you can post new videos to the playlist, and they’ll automatically appear in your player.

I love this, and I love the possibilities. I’m going to start posting here every day the top YouTube videos of the day. If you have a video you think I should add (even your own videos), just leave a comment or send it to my YouTube account.

July 19th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | YouTube, Services, General | one comment

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