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More New Google Analytics Features

Okay, the Google Analytics guys are doing scary good work, putting out the second update to version two in just the last few months. This time, they’ve added:

  • A “Go To:” box in reports with tables, so you can jump to any row in the table. Easy way to jump down several thousand rows, if you need to.
  • The map overlay now shows the map divided up by countries (previously, it divided by sub-continents).
  • New Segment menu on Content reports, letting you “cross-segment pages and sets of pages by referral source, keyword, visitor type, and other visitor segments”.
  • You can now drill down in the Content by Title report to find URLs sharing page titles, letting you analyze and change/fix them.

Today is also the first day you can no longer go back to the old Analytics interface. Analytic 1.0, we’ll miss you, but we’re too busy enjoying version two to mourn.

July 20th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Analytics, Services, General | no comments

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