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IAC Dumps Google/DoubleClick Ads For Microsoft/Atlas

IAC has dumped DoubleClick as the ad provider for many of its web properties, like CitySearch, Evite and The future Google subsidiary was replaced by future Microsoft subsidiary Atlas, itself a division of aQuantive, the ad firm Microsoft is in the process of acquiring for a bajillion dollars. As Erick Schonfeld says, Barry Diller picked his poison, deciding that if they had to use a competitor, they should help Microsoft and not market juggernaut Google.

Seriously, IAC should buy a major online ad firm. Google did, Microsoft did, Yahoo did, and IAC could stand to do the same.

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What Should Search Engines Do With Silly Viral Images?

Danny Sullivan points out that both Google and Windows Live Search feature this photo of a raccoon attempting to subvert the laws of nature with a li’l dog:

So, what are search engines supposed to do? It’s a popular image for obvious reasons (it’s stupid), with probably a ton of places embedding it , so it’s only natural it would wind up making the image thumbnails that appear above search results, and there are a million examples of searches like this one. There really isn’t much to do since it is deserving based on the ranking algorithm, and it isn’t offensive, just silly. The SafeSearch filter would probably catch anything really bad, while the rest of us can enjoy our favorite woodland creature/house pet erotica.

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Google Joins Open Invention Network

Google has announced it is joining the Open Invention Network. The OIN is designed to allow organizations who use and develop for Linux to be protected legally from possible patent concerns by other Linux organizations. Participating organizations agree to cross-license their Linux patents for free to others, protecting all involved from problems that could arise and freeing everyone in the OIN to develop for Linux without fear.

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Sergey And Wife Hangin’ With Martha

Valleywag ran this photo of Anne Wojcicki hanging out with none other than Martha Stewart, as Anne’s husband, Google founder Sergey Brin, stands in the background. Megan McCarthy says they were showing Martha their recent wedding photos, but I hope later Sergey and Martha discussed plans to re-decorate the Googleplex. “Replace the giant rubber balls with potpourri!” Perhaps the happy couple could convince Martha to finally marry her tech legend boyfriend, Microsoft Word/Excel creator Charle Simonyi.

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