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One of the biggest challenges search engines face is getting users to take advantage of their advanced features. These great features can be a great way to inspire customer loyalty, but users rarely even know they exist. This problem is compounded by the fact that almost the entire industry copies Google’s white space heavy design, which greatly discourages the promotion of features and fancy UI. took a risk with their Ask 3D interface, tossing white space out the window in favor of features, features, features, and it was a risk worth taking. MediaPost has an article about how Ask’s users are discovering and using the advanced features, and customer loyalty ratings are slowly rising. Of Ask’s 51 million unique visitors last month, 5 million, or 3% of the entire internet, used their search suggestions feature.

Traffic for Ask is at its highest point in a year, up two million users since the rollout in June. The University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index rated ask 75/100, up from 71 last year, while the rest of the competition suffered drops in satisfaction. Although Windows Live Search is seeing gains from its Live Search Club game, Ask is taking a serious look at possibly overtaking Microsoft for third place, a huge deal.

Congratulations to Ask, which has spent years improving relevancy, the interface, and putting the emphasis back on the user, instead of the advertiser. They’ve been doing amazing work, and they deserve some success.
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