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Googlers With Strange Kink Knowledge On Wikipedia

Everyone’s been having fun lately with the tool that shows you Wikipedia edits from certain corporate IP addresses, including Duncan Riley, who’s discovered a surprising (or maybe not) number of Googlers who have a lot of knowledge on some kinky topics. Googlers have edited entries on “mutual masturbation”, “amatuer pornography”, “List of male performers in gay porn films”, “sex show”, “breast expansionist fetishism”, “anal sex”, “motherfucker” and “glory hole”.

I wonder if they ask about this sort of stuff in the potential employee questionaire? After all, isn’t the goal to hire new employees with similar interests to current employees? More importantly, first person to send in a picture of the Google Glory Hole gets a free iPod dock.

I say, let people have their fun. Some people have these fetishes, some people have fetishes for the latest gadgets, and some people just love their own cute wives. There are worse things.

September 9th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Culture | no comments

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