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Google Finally Remembers Our Veterans

This past Veterans Day, Google did something very different, and actually marked a holiday honoring our soldiers. The company, which had never ran a holiday logo for Memorial Day or Veterans Day, ran this:

It’s nice to see the company finally rectifying this one. I talked about this as far back as 2004 (on the old BlogSpot blog) how people were complaining that Google didn’t care about these holidays. Perhaps next year they’ll do one for Memorial Day, too.

Barry notes that Dogpile did good, too:

Gary notes that the U.K. versions of Ask and Yahoo included reminders to wear a poppy flower for Remembrance Day (same holiday, different name, plus the poppy tradition), but the U.S. search engines had nothing.

November 13th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Doodles, Culture | no comments

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