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How To Report Abusing Emails From A Gmail User

I’ve mentioned this before with regards to phishing, but it bears repeating that the same method applies when faced with threatening or abusing email coming from a Gmail email address.

E*, who is a member of our country’s armed forces, and his wife L*, contacted me that they were receiving some awful messages from a Gmail user, making sexual messages toward L and threatening to kill E when he comes home for Thanksgiving. Even though most internet crazies are just harmless idiots, you should always take the proper steps to protect yourself, as you never know when you are dealing with the genuine sociopath.

Just like last time, the proper way of dealing with this is to contact Google. Go to this page and select “I have received a harassing message from a Gmail account.” Paste the full contents of the harassing email. Google should get back to you and hopefully help you fix the problem. If that doesn’t work, and even if it does, you should your local police department so they can look into it and protect you if it seems like a legitimate threat.

Last night my husband and I both got crazy emails from someone using gmail. The email basically said that they was going to kill my husband when he comes home for thanksgiving and that they have do crazy things with me. I really need to find out who {redacted} is. Please help me with this problem.

There are some scary people you meet on the internet, but the first thing to remember is that they are mostly just idiots with an email address. They usually rely on anonimity to harass, but won’t actual get up and threaten you. In most cases, you have more of a chance of making their life hell than they do of hurting you, and taking the proper steps to protect yourself should make it go away very quickly.

Hope I could help. It’s always worth remembering that I am not Google’s support department. I don’t work for Google, and I can’t fix the problem all the time. I can usually dispense advice, but your best bet is to contact Google directly and hope they can help you. If you contacted Google already and their notoriously lax support didn’t get back to you, then you should contact me and I’ll try to help.

* - obviously, I’m trying to protect their privacy by leaving out their real names

November 16th, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Privacy, Services, Gmail, Email | 4 comments

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  1. I am getting some 15 to 30 e-mails daily that come from that I want to stop going to my e-mail address (
    can you please stop this from happening?

    Thank you,


    Comment by David | December 13, 2007

  2. This person is leaving mean, and harassing emails in my inbox. Please help me do something about this. I do not want to receive emails from Deborah Gibson. Since this divorce she has been leaving bitter and disturbing email to me. I have already put a report in writing to the authorities as to this matter. I have a new family, and I have had this email for years. I don’t want to change it. her email address is
    Webster D. Moreland

    Comment by Webster Moreland | January 18, 2008

  3. Please help me. I recieve harassing e-mails from . I do not like her e-mails, and I have asked her to stop, but she continues… If you can help me it would be great

    Comment by rudy | February 1, 2008

  4. From: “Juan Alvarez”
    Subject: be careful what you say and who you mess with
    You could get your head blown off, or worse. Think about your family and loved ones, and grow up now. Before it is too late.

    This person is harassing my really bad. I can’t get in touch with gmail. I do not know who this person is.

    Comment by Mikky | April 29, 2008

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