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Google’s Acquisition Of DoubleClick Approved By FTC

Google’s $3.1 billion mega-acquisition of ad serving company DoubleClick has passed Federal Trade Commission approval over the objections of everyone who doesn’t want Google to be successful. Despite Microsoft and other companies crying “antitrust!” and “monopoly!”, The FTC approved the deal with no conditions attached. The FTC determined that Google and DoubleClick are not competitors but rather companies that do business in different areas of the same industry.

The FTC also made an important distinction, reaffirming that privacy laws must be handled on an industry-wide basis, not be created for a single company. In other words, hopefully in the future, if there are concerns about privacy, a company like Google will not be singled out, but rather the entire industry will have to face the same regulations.

Valleywag notes that of the five commissioners who voted on the case, three of those who voted in favor of Google attended a Progress and Freedom Foundation Aspen Summit, funded partially by Google, over the past two years. Not to say that there’s major conflict, but rather that Google is really learning how to play the game. Still, besides those three commissioners, the vote was just one for, one against.

So, now that the FTC has approved it, all that’s left is for the European regulators to give the okay. Assuming they don’t horribly drag their feet, maybe this thing will even be done before the one year anniversary of announcing the deal. Then, Google just has to go through the long process of integrating DoubleClick into Google. Boy, this is just a thrill-a-minute, ain’t it?

December 21st, 2007 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | DoubleClick, Advertising | no comments

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