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Brazil Carnival Google (and Orkut) Doodle

Google ran this Doodle logo to celebrate Carnival, an annual five day long bash that sweeps Rio de Janeiro and other places in Brazil.

Also, because Orkut is the biggest thing on the internet in Brazil, it too ran a special logo to mark the event.

(via Zorgloob)

Some people say Carnival is bigger and wilder than Mardi Gras, with celebrants pruchasing expensive, elaborate costumes, and foreigners buying the costumes so they can join in (and embarrass themselves with poor dancing, often).

images by Jesse The Traveler and carf under CC license

February 5th, 2008 Posted by Nathan Weinberg | Doodles, Culture, Orkut, Services | one comment

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  1. Good pictures. It looks like fun.

    Comment by Super Bowl Bets | February 18, 2008

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