Google Raises Query Limit To 32

By Nathan Weinberg

You can now search on Google with queries as long as 32 words, up from the old limit of 10. This will allow more powerful applications using Google Search and its API. Zmarties point out, via Blogoscoped, that the new limit only works on regular search, the API, Image Search, and Froogle, but not Groups or News. most importantly, you can now search for:

Once I made it my mission to reach the end of the Google Search box. It was not a simple mission. It involved many words. In the end, I got it done.
UPDATE: Reader Jean points out in the comments below that the 10-word limit is still in effect at Google's overseas, such as in his native France.

January 23, 2005 by Nathan Weinberg in:

7 Responses to “Google Raises Query Limit To 32”

  1. Noam Says:

    I wonder when query (with quotes) will have results.

  2. Noam Says:

    Your link-redirection prevents me from posting a link to a Google query (I think)!
    You should probably switch to the rel attribute.

  3. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    Yeah it does suck. I’ll turn off the redirection as soon as the search engines start supporting the tag (hopefully only a few more weeks).

    Oh, and I guarantee I’ll be the first result. Forever. And the only result…

  4. Jean Véronis Says:

    Very puzzling: doesn’t work in France (

    Screen copy :

    Works fine when I hit Other countries experiencing this problem?


  5. Jean Véronis Says:

    soemthing went wrong above - I’ll try again:

  6. Jean Véronis Says:

    Update: now it goes on and off. Probably some server update “dance”.

  7. Ian Says:

    Works on and now

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