Findory Gets You In Touch With Your Neighbors

Findory has a new feature called Neighbors, which shows you related sites for any site indexed by Findory in a cool visualization. Here is the Neighborhood for InsideGoogle. As you can see from the InsideGoogle page on Findory the data is essentially a graphical representation of the “Top Related Sources” box, giving you much better information by showing you more related sources (mine shows 30), and giving you an idea of which ones are much more related than others. For example, I can see that the Google Blogoscoped, Search Engine Watch and are almost tied, while Silicon Beat is a distand fourth. Findory just keeps adding cooler features.

As Alex Edelman explains, this feature isn’t just for blogs on Findory; it also works for news sites. Here you can see the Neighborhood for The New York Time. You’ll notice that the Times seems to be the number two related source for every single other news source. That is so annoying. Greg Linden says Findory was inspired by this post from John Battelle.

February 3, 2005 by Nathan Weinberg in:

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