Gmail Adds Plain HTML Interface

By Nathan Weinberg

Google has quietly added a new feature to Gmail: a plain-html interface. This new way of using Gmail has no items that expand out of nowhere, no collapsing conversation cards, and is a little slower, but Google says it runs in any browser. At the bottom of the page, you now get this:

Gmail view: standard | basic HTML Learn more
It isn't a great interface, but now anyone who's had problems with Gmail in the past should have the ability to use Google growing email service.
Not just any old computer. Actually, yes, any old computer!
Basic HTML view lets you access your Gmail messages from almost any computer running almost any web browser, even old ones (not just IE5.5+, Mozilla, and Safari). Especially great for traveling, since you never know what kind of browser that internet café in Siberia is going to have. Learn more
The details of the HTML version:
If you sign in to Gmail using a browser that isn't fully supported, you'll automatically be directed to a basic HTML view of our service. To make sure that you can always access your mail, we’ve developed this basic HTML view that is compatible with almost any browser.
Since your browser isn't fully supported, you might notice that some of your favorite features aren’t available in the current view, including the following:

Filter creation
Spell checker
Keyboard shortcuts
Address auto-complete
For access to all of Gmail’s features, sign in to your account from a fully supported browser, and make sure you have cookies and JavaScript enabled.

Also, on the New Features page, it lists integration with Picasa, which may or may not be a new feature.

Thanks a lot to reader Mark O. for being the first to spot this.

March 1, 2005 by Nathan Weinberg in:

6 Responses to “Gmail Adds Plain HTML Interface”

  1. Jason Says:

    I actually noticed it but I didn’t know if it was new.

  2. z Says:

    wow. Picasa integration is as smooth as it gets. Very nice.

  3. Nicholas Says:

    Hah, I didn’t see this when you posted, but it just appeared for me today, which is strange. I looked all over for it before.
    Anyway, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but I think this might open some door to having gmail viewed on other applications like cell phones etc. That’s one market that google could expand into at an explosively.

  4. Eliot Says:

    I’m using this on my Treo 650. Works great. Now I get the advantages of Exchange (one single pile of email, changes made while mobile are evident at desktop immediately) without the brain damage or cost of Outlook or Exchange. Bye-bye, Microsoft. I’m 100% Exchange free now, at the desktop and mobile.

  5. hssn Says:

    new gmail

  6. hssn Says:

    new gmail

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