Google Spamming Itself

Google is working to make its search results less manipulatable, but it still falls prey to one website that is using its high PageRank to rank high on irrelevant terms. That site?

Stephan Spencer explains how Google has managed to get itself listed seventh for Britney Spears, the 16th most popular search term out there. They did it by linking from one high PageRank page on their high PageRank site to another high PageRank page on their high PageRank site, a completely irrelevant page detailing the various misspellings of Britney’s name (so you can see how good the Google spellchecker is).

Google = Matt Mullenweg? Who knew?
(via Scoble’s link blog)

Posted: April 4, 2005 by Nathan Weinberg in:

2 Responses to “Google Spamming Itself”

  1. Philipp Lenssen Says:

    And why would this be spam?

    In any case, I find it one of the more interesting pages on the subject. Hundreds of people other than Google who link to the site seem to agree…

  2. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    I consider it spamming because it places a page that is completely irrelevant to the search at hand (even if it is interesting) high in the search results. Obviously, it isn’t real spamming, because spamming has to be intentional, but you get the idea. Considering how Google likes to use redirects to link to others (and not give out PageRank), you’d think they could do the same thing for themselves.

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