Google Testing New Ad Formats?

Darren Rowse reports that Google is secretly testing out a more open ad format for its AdSense program, complete with details from an anonymous source. Basically, he noticed a non-standard sized Google ad on Catster and Dogster, and did some digging, finding similarly odd ads on other blogs. After asking enough bloggers, someone was finally willing to break their NDA on condition of anonymity. The news: Google is testing open-format ads on AdSense, where the publisher can choose the number and size of the ads, as opposed to choosing from a ready made format. This is great for bloggers, who need the ads to fit into very specific areas, and would not want to resize their sites to fit the ads.
(via The Blog Herald)

Posted: April 14, 2005 by Nathan Weinberg in:

4 Responses to “Google Testing New Ad Formats?”

  1. Darren Rowse Says:

    thanks for the link up - I agree its good news which has a few bloggers excited.

    One small vanity correction - its Rowse not Rowae


  2. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    Fixed. Darren, you gotta increase your fonts.

  3. Ted Rheingold Says:

    I should point out for your confused readers that right now Catster is doing a test of Revenue Science ads (text ads via Overture). Maybe you’d see what where looking for at

  4. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    Well, Darren claimed the ads were appearing on both Dogster and Catster, even if only Dogster has them now.
    Ted, does your comment indicate some sort of admission that you are indeed testing out this new Google feature? Not that we can’t tell just by looking at Dogster…

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