Transit Maps In Google Maps

By Nathan Weinberg

Adrian Holovaty has whipped up a Firefox hack for Google Maps that allows you to see Chicago’s public transportation system. Its a GreaseMonkey extension, recompiled so you don’t need GreaseMonkey to use it. Adrian’s work has already inspired work on a Boston project, so hopefully someone will decide to handle the largest transit system in the world, New York. More so, I hope someone finds a way to do something more like the Google Maps / Craigslist housing mashup, so it isn’t dependant on a specific browser or specific installed extensions.

May 17, 2005 by Nathan Weinberg in:

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  1. Mark Wells Says:

    An Associated Press story ( also mentioned another free real estate site where you can find homes for sale by mapping your search results on a Google Map:

  2. digittell Says:

    yes, this stuff is amazing. i love it. i have become obsessed with google maps and then i just heard that my photosharing site, smugmug, just announced that they are allowing users to map their photos. i just mapped my entire trip through italy.

  3. edu Says:

    There is a site similar to Google Maps:

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