The Worst Copyright Violation Ever

By Nathan Weinberg

Google Video is at this very moment hosting the worst copyright violation ever: The world's largest media company has streaming video available for free of Hollywood films and TV programs. Now, on Google Video:

The Matrix Revolutions

Family Guy- Petarded

Family Guy- First Episode

Family Guy - North By North Quohog

Daily Show Clip

Its bad, real bad. And very real. I just watched every one of them. This is a potential disaster for the service, if they can't prevent these kind of mistakes.

Watch 'em fast. Google opens for business in 97 minutes.
(discovered by MetaFilter, via Google Blogoscoped)

UPDATE: Slashdot had it first.

UPDATE 2: It gets worse:

Matrix Reloaded

UPDATE 3: The saga continues, thanks to the forums at Google Blogoscoped:

Phantom of the Opera

One poster calls this "beginning of the end for Google", and winkingly advises stockholders to "sell… now".

UPDATE 4: Found this one myself, as I did Reloaded:

The Big Lebowski

UPDATE 5: Tech Truth has some more:

Lil' Pimp

Scarface (w. Al Pacino)

Stargate Atlantis - Season 1 - Episode 1 - Rising (part1)

Stargate Atlantis - Season 1 - Episode 2 - Rising (part2)

Stargate SG1 - Season 1 - Episode - 15 Reckoning

Stargate Atlantis - Season 1 - Episode 15 - Before I Sleep

Stargate Atlantis - Season 1 - Episode 16 - The Brotherhood

Stargate Atlantis - Season 1 - Episode 17 - Letters From Pegasus

Stargate Atlantis - Season 1 - Episode 20 - The Gift

Stargate SG1 - Season 8 - Episode 20 - Citizen Joe

(via Honadle)

UPDATE 6: Gotta head out, long trip. No 'net for seven hours, at least. Coolz0r says he'll update if anything develops, like Google pulling the plug on the whole deal. See ya!

UPDATE: Search Engine Watch finds more, even though Google pulled the ones already found:

South Park (Wing)

Saturday Night Live - Brendan Fraser Ozzy Osbourne Restaurant Serenade Skit

Saturday Night Live - Celebrity Jeopardy (Sean Connery, Minnie Driver, Jeff Goldblum [by David Duchovny])

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33 Responses to “The Worst Copyright Violation Ever”

  1. mahlon Says:

    Who’s to say these shows weren’t legitimately uploaded?

    If so, today’s WSJ article that dumped on Google’s TV and video plans might be disproven by the participation of some big players like Warner and Fox.

    If not, then something went terribly wrong with the human review of every upload.

    I’m hoping these are legit.

  2. jbs Says:

    This is the second worse copyright violation ever. The worst is, which aims to archive every single website out there (including your blog no doubt) without any regard for copyrights.

  3. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    They are not legit. The Matrix films are video camera copies from file sharing networks. None of the videos have the quality or metadata of the legit transcripts.

    JBS: I disagree. Nothing could be worse than an $83 billion company publishing Hollywood movies illegally.

  4. New Links Says:

    Google Launch… Pirate Videos

    Google Video is full of copyrighted films and TV programmes. Oops.
    Google Blogoscoped have posed the question " The Worst Copyrigh

  5. Phil Says:

    You know what? There’s approximately 100000000^12 things that are worse than that.

    Like, I dunno, people STARVING. Let’s start with that one.

    Anyway, Google Earth and Google Video can both kiss my wantons for being windows-only. I guess since I’m on a Mac I don’t watch Video or want to see a 3d-model of the planet.

  6. XSI Says:

    This is crazy stuff…as soon as someone at Google realizes this I gaurantee they will shut it down or take down the copyright infringing works. They should be able to track who uploaded these…hmmmm…makes you wonder….

  7. Daniel Brandt Says:

    I humbly disagree with all of you. The worst violation is the University of Michigan’s agreement with Google to let them grab all of their 7-million item library, including all copyrighted works. This is a direct violation of Section 108 of the Copyright Act, which allows libraries to make no more than one copy (Google is making two — one for themselves and one to bribe the library because U.Mich doesn’t have the $$ to do total digitization). And the one copy allowed under Section 108 cannot involve any direct or indirect commercial advantage (Google plans to sell ads on the pages that feature the snippets that are based on the search terms that hit on the content from copyrighted books).

    The previously-secret agreement between Google and the University heralds the launch of the biggest copyright heist in history, no question about it.

    The cutest thing is that a) Google has indemnified the University against lawsuits based on Section 108, and b) the DMCA exempts libraries from criminal penalties.

    Therefore, the University of Michigan has absolutely nothing to lose. Except their good name, perhaps….

  8. SEOToolSet Blog Says:

    That’s Why They Call It Beta

    Not 24 hours after putting it up, Google Earth’s download page is closed and there doesn’t seem to be anyway around it, even bit torrent fails. CNet reports that Google said they’d always planned to limit the number of initial downloads but to me th…

  9. Search Engine Watch Blog Says:

    Copywritten Material Found in Google Video Database

    Via our colleagues at Inside Google and Google Blogoscoped we learn of several examples of copywritten material available for free via Google Video that shouldn’t be there….

  10. Yacht_Boy Says:

    Don’t think of this as the worst copyright violation ever. Think of this as yet more proof–as if more were needed–that our current copyright system is hopelessly broken. Also think of it as a prime example of why collective licensing would benefit big media companies AND end-users.

    If we had a collective licensing scheme in place, google could be happily selling ads, the big corporations that put out this content would be getting reimbursed, and users would be getting a higher quality product with no moral qualms or fear of legal repercussions.

    Gosh, wouldn’t that just suck.

  11. SISTRIX Suchmaschinen News Says:

    Copyright-Verletzungen durch Google Video berichtet, dass zahlreiche copyright-geschtze Filme bei Google Video auftauchen. Interessant, wie sich das entwickelt.

  12. Gray Hat Search Engine News Says:

    It’s definately what the users want.

    Reports all over the place on this but we’ll go with Inside Google since they have purty screenshots of lots of them. Goog

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  14. aa Says:

    i just downloaded google earth its working for me

  15. mahlon Says:

    I’d speculated earlier that this was a brilliant PR move show legitimate big-name content. WRONG!

    Instead, Google just made the best argument for the walled garden and strong DRM.

    From the WSJ:

    “We do not tolerate piracy of our intellectual property in any way. This incident perfectly exemplifies the critical need for strong and reliable digital rights management” technology to protect content from piracy, said Warner Bros. Entertainment, a unit of Time Warner Inc. and owner of “The Matrix” movies, in a statement.,,SB112017128581474708,00.html (subscription required)

  16. Name (required) Says:

    heh search for “alien” gets you the house of representatives on page 8 ….

    Most of what is linked above says: not available for playback

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  22. bah Says:

    bah. has the whole thing been yanked?

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  24. Diario Gratis. Weblog en Internet Says:

    Pelculas gratis en ‘Google Video’

    Completamente gratis, tenis disponible la versin ntegra de 130 minutos de la pelcula ‘Matrix Revolutions’ en este enlace del servicio ‘Google Video’, adems de otras pel

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  26. Sandra Says:

    Son todas en ingles? Como se cuales estan en español???

  27. Pokkari Blog Says:

    […] video before we let people make it public? That’s untenable. Some are calling this The Worst Copyright Violation Ever. I couldn […]

  28. Sean Says:

    Before you all go crazy, Google makes each individual user certify the content of the video. Each use is forced to agree to terms and testify that one’s work is free from copyrighted material. Therefore the USERS are ultimately responsible. Now this doesn’t get Google off the hook, but it does provide wiggle room.


  29. The Rat Says:

    Since according to the American government piracy=terrorism that means Google=terrorism.

    OMG! Google is in cahoots with Osama Bin Laden.

    Silly Americans ;)

  30. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    I’m with The Rat. That isn’t at all a stretch of the imagination.

  31. Echostorm Says:

    Piracy LOL!

  32. Search Engine Watch Blog Says:

    Copyright Material Still Showing Up In Google Video

    When Google Video first launched viewable content in June, we posted (as did many others) about viewable copyrighted material that was quickly found in Google Video. The other day I went to look to see if this type of content was still as easy to find …

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