Somebody’s In Trouble

This is hilarious. More like this!

You want to really impress me? Do a parody of Scoble’s Channel 9. Send in someone with a video camera and ask them to demo their Cubicle Disorganization System. I’d enjoy that.

UPDATE: Looks like Google did an edit. The new URL for the post is here. They changed the title from “Cube Surfeit Disorder” to “Tchotchkes Cubed”. A word to Googlers: When you change the title of a post in Blogger, the URL changes. Not all blogging services do this; WordPress knows to make the URL permanent once the post is published. Of course, you should know this, since you own Blogger.
(thanks, Matt, for pointing out the broken link)

UPDATE 2: Don’t Be Evil says that this is evil.

But the fact is that the old posting is gone and the replacement posting uses a digitally altered version of the original photograph. There’s no notice that Google has rewritten history just a little bit. They even kept the original date and time stamp.

For any other company, this would simply be a violation of blog etiquette. But for Google, which wants us to trust it with the world’s information, this move qualifies as evil.

They also have the original post:
Cube surfeit disorder
7/08/2005 05:13:00 PM
Posted by Michael Krantz, Google Blog Team

Can this Googler possibly be working at peak productivity?

while the edited version reads:
Tchotchkes cubed
7/08/2005 05:13:00 PM
Posted by Michael Krantz, Google Blog Team

Every time I pass this cube I wonder why my own work space looks so lame.

The real significant difference, is the photo has been retouched from this:

(click to enlarge)

to this:

The difference? In the first one, you can clearly see the name of usability engineer Kathy Baxter prominently in the upper right-hand corner. In the second version, it has been removed.

I don’t know if I’d call it “evil”, but sheesh! Was this necessary? If Kathy requested it, fine. But if someone at Google just did this on their own, that’s so pointless. Can’t Google just make a joke? And I was so impressed…

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  1. john doe Says:

    you should check out and put the request on that website for a parody of Scoble…

  2. matt Says:

    Hmm, link doesn’t seem to be working for me…

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