Google Total

By Nathan Weinberg

Nicholas tells me that someone's taken a Blogspot page and given it a Google interface that contains 26 Google services and integrates them into two simple drop down boxes. Google might want to consider ripping off this guy before the home page has 50 tabs.

Check out Google Total.

Google Total

August 7, 2005 by Nathan Weinberg in:

8 Responses to “Google Total”

  1. Scott Says:

    nifty. Now if he’d included Google Suggest it would have gone to ‘11′.

  2. Thorsten Says:

    Wow, that’s a nice one. Will go on my page and the google-cheatsheet soon. thanks

  3. Larry Defilippo Says:

    Should have let people know sooner

  4. Jason Says:

    I just don’t like drop-downs. I prefer tabs. It’s easier to search again by just clicking a tab.

  5. Olive Says:

    Interesting layout

  6. » Google Total Says:

    […] Avevamo già parlato di XtraGoogle, pagina web che permette di avere sottomano tutti i campi di ricerca di Google. Google Total è la risposta ufficiale di Google,creato da un indiano, Anil Wadghule (anche se la pagina riporta addirittura il copyright di Google), dal design semplice e immediato, permette di effettuare ricerche su tutte le sezioni (images, groups, maps, video, print..) scegliendo a lato del box d’inserimento il settore desiderato. Un menù in alto a destra vi permetterà di effettuare la registrazione e controllare il vostro account, consultare Gmail, gli alert, la search history, la propria pagina personalizzata, i newsgroup. Per ora Google non ha intrapreso alcuna azione. (grazie a Daniel […]

  7. Larry Says:

    Well Done lets see more

  8. Weston Says:

    I made this first! He ripped me off…

    here is the link to my digg post for when i first made it..

    Anyways, I’ve updated it since then!

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