Google Buys Android; Plans Robot War

By Nathan Weinberg

BusinessWeek reports that Google has bought wireless software maker Android. The article says that the aquisition is not just to bolster Google’s wireless products, but to pick up some talented employees at Android.

The 22-month-old startup, based in Palo Alto, Calif., brings to Google a wealth of talent, including co-founder Andy Rubin, who previously started mobile-device maker Danger Inc.

Rubin isn’t the only well-known Silicon Valley veteran joining Google via Android. Others coming over include Andy McFadden, who worked with Rubin at WebTV before helping develop the all-in-one set-top box for Moxi Digital; Richard Miner, former vice-president of technology and innovation at telecom outfit Orange before joining Android; and Chris White, who spearheaded the design and interface for WebTV in the late 1990s, before helping to found Android.

Sadly, nothing in this article hints about the impending war between man and machine. This is simply proof that the androids are already controlling mainstream media.

August 17, 2005 by Nathan Weinberg in:

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  1. SEOToolSet Blog Says:

    Busy week news week (for August)

    After the slowdown last week during SES, this week has already brought us a great deal of exciting news stories. I’ll try to catch some of them up for you right now. Google: Lost their suit with Geico. The judge ruled that while using a trademarked na…

  2. Brock Says:

    Hmmm… Android won’t say what they do, other than “software for phones.” The BW piece mentions that the founder was interested in location awareness tech, but smart people are usually interested in a lot of things. I guess there’s just no way right now to really know that this portends …

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