Technorati Is Run By Sadists

I think Technorati likes all the abuse its been getting lately in the blogosphere. If it didn’t, then why would it launch a new feature that is already broken?

See, as Scoble explains, Technorati responded to “top blog list” criticism by introducing Blog Finder, which ranks the top blogs for each of many tags. Problem is, if my first experience with the thing lands me on a page where the first four of twenty results are the only displayed, and the rest are either trunctuated or killed by a lack of scrollbar (see first link), then I guess if I were the one bringing all the criticism, well, this wouldn’t help.

And need I remind anyone that the true crticism of Technorati (and all of its competitors, as they all have the same flaw) should always be that it is simply not concentrating on the search engine enough, something we just see now again with this small, and ultimately less-useful-than-real-blog-search feature?

UPDATE: Bug repro’d in Opera:

Technorati blogs bug repro

Believe me now, Dave?

I’ve circled the four critical areas in the screenshot. The page clearly indicates that 20 results should be shown (and in Firefox it does) yet there are four results, the last one is cut off with missing data, the scrollbar is missing and the left sidebar is gone. Clear bug!

In IE its broken, but not as bad:

Technorati bug repro\'d in IE

While I appreciate Dave Sifry showing up in the comments to defend his company (something he is very good at), do not try to tell me that “this is not a bug”. Once again, you see the 20 results that are reported at the top of the page, but only four are shown. Once again, the fourth entry is cut off at the same point. See that big empty space where results 5-20 are supposed to go? That’s your bug.

UPDATE: Now that I’ve calmed down, here’s where I rank (using Firefox, since it doesn’t work in any other browser):

  • AdWords #1
  • AdSense #1 (both well-earned :-) )
  • AOL #1 (what, is nobody blogging AOL?)
  • Blogs #15 (not bad! InsideMicrosoft is #50)
  • Controversy #2 (out of 7; unpopular tag)
  • Culture #11 (Jeff Jarvis is #1)
  • Desktop Search #1 and #2 (for InsideMicrosoft!)
  • GDS #1 (of 2; but I beat Scott Kingery)
  • Gmail #2 (behing Neil Turner, arghh)
  • Google Images #1 (of 1, ouch)
  • Google News #1
  • Humor #16 (an honor! InsideMicrosoft is #82)
  • Jeeves #1 (of 1; sorry Jeeves)
  • Microsoft #8 (hilarious, since its InsideGoogle; InsideMicrosoft isn’t in the first 160)
  • Search #10 (behind, in order, Tim Bray, Techdirt, Battelle, Rubel, Google blog, Dave Sifry, YSearchBlog, Ross Mayfield and Phil Windley; InsideMicrosoft is #24)
  • Search Marketing #1
  • Services #2 (behind GeekNewsCentral)
  • Stock Market #1 (#1? WTF?)
  • Tools #2
  • Yahoo #5 (behind Zawodny, Beattie, Sifry and Yahoo itself, proving my theory I could do a great Yahoo blog if I just moved my Yahoo posts over to a different blog; InsideMicrosoft is #13)

InsideMicrosoft also ranks #1 for Applications and Internet Explorer and Vista, #2 for Media Center and Spaces, #4 for Longhorn, #5 for Xbox, #6 for Corporate (Scoble is #1, probably to his dismay), #8 for MSN, #14 for Linux and Open Source (Doc is #1 on both, I wasn’t aware I was some sort of authority on that), #15 for Windows, #35 for Law, #36 for Google.

So, according to Technorati, InsideMicrosoft is more of an authority on Linux and Open Source than on Windows? Gotcha.

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14 Responses to “Technorati Is Run By Sadists”

  1. David Sifry Says:


    Thanks for the comments. We are working on the infrastructure and search engine full-time, see my post here:

    And as for the Blog Finder Featured Blogs, what you’re seeing is not a bug - it is a regularly updated set of featured blogs on the main page. Please have a look at some of the different tags, like or or or

    I hope that clarifies things a bit, and that you find the service useful. It is a beta, released in the spirit of release early, release often…


  2. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    Me and Coolz0r were just discussing how quickly Dave Sifry shows up every time someone criticizes Technorati… :-)

    Dave, are you telling me that when it says at the top of the page: “17 blogs about:” it is supposed to just cut off at 10 in the middle of an entry (nanotechnology) or say 20 and cut off at 7 (tech), or cut off at 4 like in the Google link I posted?

    That has got to be a bug. The page is not rendering till the end. The bug repros in Opera, IE (definitely cleaner in IE, but still trunctuated) and Maxthon, but not Firefox. You should check it out closer.

  3. Randy Charles Morin Says:

    Nathan, you got #1 on adwords.

    You’r #1. You’r #1.

  4. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    You sure? I got a 404 :-)

    Man, those servers are so unreliable…

    Anyway, even when I do get that to work, I won’t be able to check where I rank on Google since it gets cut off.

    Also am I so #1 that I’ve stolen the “e” in you’re? :-D I’m mean…

  5. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    Okay, it works now. I wonder if I rank #1 because I have an AdWords tag I use a lot, but not for Google since I don’t have a Google tag (would be a bit redundant, no?).

  6. anon Says:

    That’s a Inside Google post? I must have missed something

  7. Randy Charles Morin Says:

    Redundancy is about the only way to win the Technorati gambit. Like I have to ping them 20 times, just to get indexed once :)

  8. Coolz0r Says:

    Ow it’s 20? Damn, I always stopped at five… that explains it. :)

  9. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    Oh, anon, every blogger goes off topic. That’s what keeps everyone on their toes.

  10. Philipp Lenssen Says:

    Nathan & Miel: I saw InsideMicrosoft in the top-something… for the tag “google”! I guess the algorithm needs some improvement still…

  11. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    Well, I mean if Technorati wants to say that, then I guess it must be a good release.


    Needs fixing… definitely beta.

  12. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    Coolz0r sent me the cure for today’s very negative blogging:

  13. mnt Says:

    You mean Masochists?

  14. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    For this title, I should have said masochist, absolutely. Good call, mnt.

    However, both words apply to T’rati.

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