GMail’s Spam Filter On Vacation?

By Coolz0r

Randy has had a very frustrating day. City workers laying sod cut the cables of his internet connection at least a half dozen times, then when it got fixed, he got spammed all over the place, through GMail.

The solution to the *MXON* and ‘viagara’ spam is to start creating your own filter rules :

“I’ve had to start writing my own Gmail SPAM filters today. I’ve received hundreds of SPAM with the phrase *MXON* in it. They are almost identical, except for the number of *’s. This seems to escape Gmail’s SPAM filter and I’ve setup a rule to forward anything with that string to the Trash (you can’t send it to the SPAM bin with a rule). “

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October 18, 2005 by Coolz0r in:

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