Blog Attack!

By Nathan Weinberg

Forbes has an awful article bemoaning how terrible and innacurate blogs are. Of course, they'd just call me unprofessional for saying that.

The article makes no effort to note the benefits of blogs, or the many professionals blogging. To them, every blogger is a scam artist, and every blog target is an angel, even when the targets are liars being outed and the bloggers are celebrated journalists.

The article even indicts Google and Yahoo as co-conspirators, just because their advertising pays the medium's bills, which is absurd since the average unproffesional blogger doesn't make money!

I could not locate any portion of the article dedicated to good bloggers. Hmm, doesn't good journalism require balance? Guess Forbes doesn't have the same standards?

Anyway, you can bypass their prohibitive login with Bugmenot's help.

One innaresting factoid:

Google says ad revenue isn't the point. The real aim is "to let users embrace the Web as a medium of self-expression," a spokesman says. Google lets them run wild. Yet Google edits and censors blog content all the time–to protect its own interests. The company, whose portentous corporate ethos includes the mantra "Don't be evil," snuffs out blogs that engage in "phishing" (tricking people into revealing confidential information) and "spam blogs" that skew Google's search results. Bloggers who sign up for its ad program (Google passes along 79% of sales, on average) must follow firm Google guidelines that limit references to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling and even "excessive profanity."

Steve Rubel was on a CNBC panel with article writer Daniel Lyons, and he blogs:

Forbes, I am very disappointed that you chose to take such an unbalanced POV when BusinessWeek and Fortune told us both sides of the story. With all respect to Lyons and the magazine's editors, bloggers are not Corporate America's Boogeyman. They can be a company's greatest allies and evangelists if AND only IF we take the time to take them seriously and engage them in dialogue. Instead of telling us about both opportunities and threats, you paint the blogosphere as the Wicked Witch of the West. With a a few hours of reading excerpts of the forthcoming book on business blogging, Naked Conversations, you would have seen both sides of the story.

A professional journalist turned blogger, Dan Gillmor, says:

Overall, what a pile of trash from Forbes Magazine, which uses its cover to go on the attack against bloggers in the new issue. You have to register to read the stories. Go ahead if you must; it's worth reading to see how a normally solid business magazine can go astray with an alarmist and at times absurd broadside.

Do bloggers sometimes go too far? Of course. But if the best-read bloggers typically did work of the lousy quality shown in the Forbes stories, they'd be pilloried — appropriately so.

Or BoingBoing, which is managed by consummate professional journalist John Battelle (even if their system for correcting errors is an embarrassment to the blog community):

Won't someone please think of the corporations?

It's a global blogspiracy!

Why they omitted "gouge their eyes out with forks," "clamp electrodes to testicles," or "ship them to Gitmo by the crateload," I don't know. C'mon, take the gloves off, you pussies!

October 28, 2005 by Nathan Weinberg in:

8 Responses to “Blog Attack!”

  1. Nicholas Says:

    I have a subscription to Forbes, and this article doesn’t suprise me one bit. 90% of what I’ve read in the magazine is pretty biased and one-sided.

    I’d cancel the subscription, but I got it free online.

  2. Randy Charles Morin Says:

    It would appear that Forbes hit a real soft spot in the blogosphere :-)

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  6. Randy Charles Morin Says:

    Oops typo “his” = “hit”

  7. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    Randy, I have corrected you.

  8. Aidan Maconachy Says:

    Re : Blog Attack

    Yes I’ve read this type of criticism elsewhere also. MSM feels threatened obviously. Bloggers tend to be a lot edgier than the stodgy press and not as nervous about publishing info that might still be partially in the realm of rumor and speculation. Bloggers take more risks and so tend to make more exciting reading.

    All power to them.

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