French Turn To Google For Support in Riots

By Coolz0r

From [Morrison]

“The UMP, the political party of French interior Minister, Nicholas Sarkozy, has turned to Google Ads to drive support for a petition to support his tough stance against the riots in Paris. […]

The UMP launched a petition on its web site to support his policies. If you search on Google France for words associated with the riots like “banlieue“, “Sarkozy”, “Sarko“, you’ll find a Google ad which reads

Emeutes en banlieue
Soutenez la politique de Nicolas
Sarkozy pour r├ętablir l’ordre

Which roughly translates as “Suburban Riots, Support the policy of Nicolas Sarkozy to re-establish order”. According to Liberation, with a 10% click through rate, more than 3,000 people had signed the online petition by 2pm this afternoon. ”

(that was yesterday, the 7th)

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  1. sebastien billard Says:

    Well french don’t turn to Google for support, it is juste some PR from a political party :)

    BTW don’t believe the hype, France is not burning, and riots are very localized. You can come safe ;)

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