Google News Gets Some History

By Nathan Weinberg

Google has expanded Search History to include Google News. Now, all of your searches and the pages you click through to will be saved in your search history, and you can save pages and tag them in the history. Presumably, Google will in a few months begin personalizing news results, so its a good idea to start using this feature.

Google Search History for News

This makes three Google services that have Search History, after Web Search and Images.

November 11, 2005 by Nathan Weinberg in:

One Response to “Google News Gets Some History”

  1. Wouter Schut Says:

    And bookmarks with the label ‘homepage’ now correspond to the bookmarks on your google-homepage :D

    (and autocomplete is implemented in the label-field)

    Somehow I believe Google is turning into one big data-entry application and we will all help google to populate its database. ‘Earning money with our data’ continued :D

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