Google Talk And AIM: Buddies

One underreported provision of Google’s billion-dollar deal with AOL is that AOL will make Google Talk interoperable with AOL Instant Messenger. Point four of the press release:

Google Talk Instant Messaging Software to Communicate with AIM users

And a little further down:

Enabling Google Talk and AIM instant messaging users to communicate with each other, provided certain conditions are met;

This is game-changing, like several portions of the agreement. This sets up a straight up two-on-two battle, with Yahoo & Windows Live Messengers interoperable on one side, and AIM/Google Talk on the other. Considering AIM is the most popular client on the market, and Google Talk is the lightest client on the market, this alliance creates a powerhouse protocol that Yahoo and Microsoft, with their similar products, may not be able to compete with.

Expect AIM to keep its market share lead for a very long time.
(via eWeek)

December 21, 2005 by Nathan Weinberg in:

7 Responses to “Google Talk And AIM: Buddies”

  1. Stu Says:

    There are people who still use GoogleTalk after trying it the first day?

  2. Michael Akerman Says:

    Fricking awesome! Also, predictable. Also, predicted (I have a comment on this somewhere in the past).

    This is really what I, and I would guess many other US nerds were waiting for (AIM is only the market leader in the US. It’s MSN in Europe, for some reason). I love GTalk, but the user base is what sells the client (which, incidentally, is why MSN is big in Europe).

    I would have preferred, of course, MSN and Yahoo! not working together, as that makes it all the more difficult, if not impossible, to get them to be interoperable with GTalk. I can live with just AIM though.

  3. Nicholas Says:

    Actually, I bet Google would make Gtalk interoperable with MSN/Yahoo in a heartbeat. Eventually, M$ will have to break down and be interoperable. Then, all those artificial walls come down. How lame would it be if you had to have an email address with each email host.

  4. matt Says:

    There are people who still use GoogleTalk after trying it the first day?

    Actually GoogleTalk is how I typically harass Nathan ;)

  5. Stu Says:

    I keep mine on, mainly because I’ve never gotten up the energy to uninstall it, but if I look closely, I can actually see little tumbleweeds blowing across my GTalk buddylist.

  6. Ronen Says:

    GTalk is great because it easily integrates into desktop.. I can leave it open without noticing it and call it up when nesecerry. Of course, after a few week of tumbleweeds going by, I started signing onto AIM as well..

  7. Brock Says:

    Yeah, it’ll actually be nice to chat with people using G-Talk :-) The only people I can talk to on it now are people who have Gmail and use it as their notifier. No one else uses the damn thing. (Though I can chat with all two of my friends who use GAIM on Linux).

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