Three Email Heads For Dinner

The Wall Street Journal’s Lee Gomes had the project heads of Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Windows Live Mail over for dinner. The resulting article is both fun and interesting. The general agreement among all three was that Gmail woke up the email business, and forced the others to act. However, the resulting woken giants are coming out with powerful counterattacks.

Both Microsoft’s Kevin Doerr and Google’s Paul Buchheit seemed impressed with one of Yahoo’s new features: They display your entire inbox, never having to load it among multiple pages. Meanwhile Microsoft boasts desktop editing features, like on-the-fly spell check. And Google’s key features, like the conversation grouping, might not appeal to many of MS and Yahoo’s users.

Either way, there was a clear winner at that dinner table: users. Our email is getting a lot better, fast, and Google started it.
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  1. Anna Ravenscroft Says:

    I have had yahoo accounts for years. I also got a gmail account when it started. I despise the new yahoo interface. It makes handling my mail much more difficult. If it becomes the only option, I will close my yahoo account unless they make a lot of improvements.

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