I’m Engaged!

Yes, faithful readers, it is true! I have asked a very lovely lady to marry me! I hadn’t actually spoken to her before, but she had noticed the binoculars and listening devices, so naturally, she had to say yes…

But seriously, earlier tonight, I asked Raquel (who comments here occasionally) to be mine forever. She’s beautiful, fun, and the best person I know, and I’m just lucky that she hasn’t figured out how much beneath her I am.

I’ve been too busy for the last day to post (sorry, biggest Google news weekend of the year vs. biggest decision of my life = no contest), and I’ll be in Vermont all this week snowboarding at Smuggler’s Notch, so I’ll only be posting at night (probably using expensive in-room net access or leeched wi-fi). Thankfully, through all this, Miel has been saving my ass, posting roughly eight thousand times yesterday, and he’s going to help out however he can this week as well. You can thank him by visiting his blog.

There’s a nice engagement party in a week and a half (any local bloggers, feel free to join the post-party bar crawl), and then, back to work. The ring I bought should be plenty to tie her down till the summer.

Oh, and Raquel loves me so much, that despite not being at all a tech geek (she’s into the life sciences), she tries commenting on my posts sometimes, so go easy on her when she asks, “What does RSS do?”

Maybe I’ll start a wedding blog.

January 8, 2006 by Nathan Weinberg in:

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  1. pentapenguin Says:

    Congrats Nathan and best of luck! :D

  2. Adam Says:

    DUDE, you couldn’t have waited until *AFTER* CES? Where the hell are your priorities? Geeks aren’t supposed to actually land chicks, much less land ‘em at such an important time in geekdom!!! u r teh suxors!

    Heh heh, okay, okay, I really do jest. Seriously, major congrats, man! (and hey, when do we get to see a pic of both of you, eh? ;)

  3. Jason Schramm Says:

    Congratulations! When’s my invite to the wedding?

  4. Jason Schramm Says:

    And does she have to take your name? I don’t know if I like the sound of Raquel Weinberg.

  5. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    Jason, we’ve been together for almost four years. She’s practically signing my last name as her own already! This has been a long time coming.

    Adam: Eventually. I’m too busy packing to leave for now.

  6. matrix Says:

    Congrats man!

  7. Mr. C Says:

    Well congratulations, I think it is fair to say that we are all thrilled for you and Raquel

  8. CJ Says:

    Congrats man! :-)

  9. Snow Says:

    Congratulations! :D

  10. DeNiZ Says:

    Congrats. Hard decision..

  11. Barry Schwartz Says:

    Awesome, huge congrats!!!!!!!

  12. Juston Says:

    Congrats, man. I don’t post often, but I’m a loyal reader. Have fun snowboarding.

  13. Laurent Van Winckel Says:

    Great to hear that! Congrats!

  14. Francis Ocoma Says:

    Ah forget CES 2006, this is the best post I’ve read here since New Year! I give you your umpteenth “Congrats!” Best wishes to you both, man. :-)

  15. Q Says:

    great news !! best news of the new year, congratulations !!!!

  16. matt Says:

    Congrats man! That’s awesome :) And I agree, who cares about CES when you have something like this going on :)

  17. Devin Reams Says:

    Congratulations, Nathan! I’m excited for you. And yes, we need to see nuptials.blognewschannel.com. Give us an inside look at the process behind it all. Give us bachlors a look at what may be to come. A head’s-up is always nice. ;-)

  18. Devin Reams | Nathan’s Engaged | devinreams.com Says:

    […] Schedule « Optical Mouse Scanner Published 0 minutes ago –> ┬╗ ┬╗Congratulations to my ex-Editor, Nathan Weinberg. The author of InsideGoogle (owner of BlogNewsChannel) proposed last night and looks to be setting a date for the summer. Nathan helped me with my entry to the world of blogging and if anyone he deserves to be happy… […]

  19. ronen Says:

    Mazal Tov! Now off to find your phone number..

  20. Andy Beal Says:

    Congrats Nathan!

  21. blewtooth Says:

    Congrats, man!! So are you going to do the Google-style “Raquel, Will You Marry Me”? Can’t wait to see that. :)

  22. AGK Says:

    Congratulations, Nathan! :)

  23. Niraj Says:

    Congrats, from a long time reader and short time poster :)

  24. Adam Says:

    You should have taken out an AdWords ad to propose :p

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