Video AdSense Revealed

By Nathan Weinberg

Google Rumors points me to The Superficial, which has a nice, pretty video AdSense ad sitting all happy on their front page, plain as day.

Google video ad
Click to view it full size

The video is 15 seconds long and only plays when you click the play button, which is thankful, since the video was kind of stupid. You can change the volume. While the video is playing, moving your mouse over it showed that it was clickable, and showed an overlay with a URL.

Google has done a perfect job with its video ad. Any ad that doesn't play instantly is no problem with me. Hell, it isn't even animated. The video resembles a Google Video, so any site which posts videos should love these; they'll get plenty of playtime. I'm very happy with the way Google has done these, and I wish the animated ads were half as good.

February 26, 2006 by Nathan Weinberg in:

6 Responses to “Video AdSense Revealed”

  1. Michael Says:

    Sounds pretty interresting. Any information on what they pay per view or any more information?

  2. 息乐园 Says:

    Video AdSense Revealed

    Google终于推出了视频广告,这个在The Superficial首页上的Google视频广告有15秒钟长,只有点Play按钮才开始播放,幸亏如此,因为这个广告太没劲了。广告播放期间,可以控制它的音量。把鼠标放…

  3. Jon Gales Says:

    Hey Nathan, I think you left out the link to GoogleRumors :P .

    But on a more serious note, as a publisher shouldn’t you be paid something if a visitor clicked to play the video? I wonder if this really happens.

  4. Nathan Weinberg Says:

    Sorry, Jon. Fixed it.

    Yeah, you’d think that if the user plays the video, that would be enough to get paid, but Google, as usual, isn’t being very forthcoming with information.

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  6. IP Democracy Says:

    Google Testing Video Ads?

    Google, apparently, is testing out video advertising, a natural step for the online ad giant that we predicted over at IP Media Monitor back in December. Several reportings indicated that a flash-based Google video ad appeared on the entertainment web…

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