Google Talk For BlackBerry Released

By Nathan Weinberg

Google has released its previously announced BlackBerry client. The free 200k download will let BlackBerry users communicate on the Google Talk and Jabber networks, and (presumably) eventually AOL Instant Messenger. It works in real time, and you can stay signed in and receive messages while using other Blackberry apps. Currently, it is only available for U.S. and Canadian users.

System Requirements:

  • 16 MB BlackBerry device with a color screen (BlackBerry 7100 Series, BlackBerry 7200 Series, BlackBerry 7500 Series, BlackBerry 7700 Series™ and BlackBerry 8700 Series), and OS v4.0 or higher (Go to Options -> About to find your device's handheld version. If you are not running OS v4.0 or higher, visit your Service Provider's website)
  • 200 kB (200000 bytes) of free memory (Go to Options -> Status to find your device's free memory)
  • A Gmail UserID and password (You can obtain a Gmail UserID and password by being invited by a friend who has one or by entering your mobile phone number at
  • BlackBerry data service with a US- or Canadian-based wireless Service Provider (Google Talk for BlackBerry devices will be available to other BlackBerry subscribers soon! — Check back here for updates)
  • Accurate time zone and time settings on your BlackBerry device - before using Google Talk for BlackBerry devices, please ensure you have verified that your time zone and time settings within the Options screen are correct.

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